The Abundance Activation Programme

Lara Waldman
Lara WalmanHi!  My name is Lara Waldman, The Abundance Activator. In this unique online group programme I will show you EXACTLY how you can attract more money and anything else you desire into your life and business, without working harder, with my step by step plan that helped me build my successful business.
If you are a female business owner, an entrepreneurs or are thinking about opening your business, and you feel feel stuck and frustrated in your business but have dreams as big as Oprah, join me on this journey of manifesting Abundance. This 10 week online course will have you finding the thousands in your business that you never knew you had, and will enable you to fully realise your life purpose on this planet.  Become more powerful, influential and visible as the Leader you know yourself to be.
I know you have been working really hard and this is leaving you feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.  Let me show you how you can run your business from a place of greater Joy, Ease, Flow and Fulfilment while experiencing greater success AND freedom.

If you are ready to Master Attracting More Money into your life and business, in alignment with your Life's Purpose, I would love to show you how with my step-by-step plan. Get REAL results so you can stop being limited by money and get on with creating your awesome life.

During this group programme, I will be holding your hand, supporting you and teaching you how to integrate these teachings into your life and business. It's all very well knowing how to do something, but you need help implementing your knowledge. In this course you integrate this information and action it, in order to get the results that your heart and soul desires.
Here is What You'll Be Learning:


bullet Money Blocks - how to clear them and stop pushing money away
bullet Money Mindset - the frame of mind you need to Manifest Money (and anything else you desire)
bullet The connection between Money and your Purpose
bullet How to attract Money in alignment with your Purpose
bullet Connect more deeply to your Power and your Purpose
bullet Expand into the Next Level in your Business and your Life
bullet How to experience Joy, Ease, Flow and Fulfilment within your Business and your Life
bullet How to use your Intuition to attract more Money
bullet How to set your pricing in a way that honours you and your work
bullet How to feel Comfortable and Confident around Money
bullet Build your Self Worth through Money Manifestation

Tara Perry Photo


"Doing The Abundance Activation course has radically shifted my business and changed my life. I now see a financial future ahead of me that I could only try to imagine before. What seemed impossible and out of reach is now actually happening!!!! By doing less I now earn more money, living my ideal dream life, travelling, creating and reaching more people, and I feel happier in my business than ever before. Lara helped me dissolve and break through my resistances and blocks to success, and helped erase my fears that were holding me back.  Since doing the course I have finished my book and launched a new online course. I am ridiculously happy with how much my life has shifted since The Abundance Activation Course.  Lara is a star! A miracle, unlike any other wealth or money coach I've ever come across.  Lara speaks wisdom simply and beautifully and is an invaluable guide in my life. I shall be continuing to work with Lara and doing everything she offers! Thank you so much, you amazing woman!"
Tara Love Perry - Master Soul Reader, Spiritual Coach, Author
Why Is Money Manifestation Important?
Through the practice of welcoming more money into your life, the deeper impact of this is truly valuing yourself and embodying your worth. This allows you to connect more powerfully to your purpose and true potential. As you know your worth, you are then able to take the necessary action to share your gifts more powerfully and effectively in the world. This allows you to grow and expand your business and your life in the way that you truly desire.  As you connect more authentically to who you truly are, you open yourself up to receive all the wonderful things that life has to offer, including money! Money wants to have fun, to grow, to expand and create. It's a vehicle to enjoy and experience all that life has to offer. Saying YES to money is saying yes to You,  your Life, your Purpose and your Potential.
This Is For You If:
bullet You feel stuck, frustrated and frazzled by your current situation
bullet You have hit a 'glass ceiling' on your income
bullet You want to stop living in a fearful state about money and want to work on your perception of money
bullet You have a calling to make a bigger impact
bullet You are struggling to reach your ideal clients
bullet Your income isn't consistent
bullet You feel overwhelmed, stressed and stuck
bullet You feel suffocated and anxious when it comes to earning more money
bullet You want more but you don't think you're good enough or capable enough
bullet You keep putting off what you know you need to do
bullet You feel you're too busy
bullet You have a hard time putting yourself out there and show up for your business
bullet You know you have more Potential just waiting to be revealed, but you keep doubting yourself
bullet You feel blocked and procrastinate when it comes to changing your Business and Life for the better
bullet You have Big Dreams but you don't know how to get there
bullet You want to attract more money into your life with greater Ease, Joy and Fulfilment
bullet  You want to learn about Manifestation and Energetics around Money
bullet  You want to live a comfortable Life and reach more people in your business
bullet  You want to feel Peaceful and Confident about Money
bullet Are you ready to take your business and your finances to the next level? (even if you don't know how?!)
This May Not Be For You Just Yet If:
bullet You are not ready to commit fully to the Inner Work which happens in your own time
bullet You are not ready to take responsibility for your Life and yourself
bullet You are not ready to go deep into self-discovery and self-analysis
bullet You have never worked on yourself and are a beginner in this area
bullet You would only like 1:1 support with me
Will This Course Work For You?
The tools work, if you work the tools, and the programme works if you show up for the programme. Lara WalmanThe results are in your hands.
You will be held and supported by Lara with her Coaching and Healing, as well as the safe space in the group to rise up and say YES to the Financial Abundance that you are asking for. Changing your financial situation does not happen by accident, it happens by you stepping into the drivers seat of your life.
Only you can change your life, but you do this with the right tools and the right support.  If you are willing to show up, use the tools, do the inner work and say YES to positive change, you will receive the full gift of this programme. It truly is a transformational experience.
The Secret Power Of This Group Programme
Through this 10 week online group programme, you will be held and supported to say YES to more money and all of the good things that life has to offer you. Through the support and holding of the group, you courageously rise up and expand to the next level in your life and business. We are more powerful and effective together than alone.
karina-ladet-cropped"Lara's Abundance Activation Course has created deep transformation, healing and so much joy for me. Thanks to the powerful techniques, the wonderful group and Lara's amazing support I've been able to release so much old programming and energy and get into the flow of asking for what I truly desire and be open to receive it.
I have created an amazing life in the South of France and am now the main breadwinner, supporting my husband and our 2 children. Thanks to the Abundance Activation Course I now have a consistent income and solid foundation in my business. This has given me so much more time and energy to focus on creating exciting new projects. I am now receiving more financial abundance into my life but what's even better is that I feel so calm and peaceful when it comes to money. I know exactly how to call in what I need and more.  This has helped me to step into my purpose and embrace more of who I am.


I am so grateful for Lara's experience and gifts as a Healer, Mentor and Intuitive Business owner.  I feel completely safe and incredibly supported in her hands." 
Karina Ladet -  Intuitive Channel and Healer
The Abundance Activation Group Programme Includes:


check_mark Live & Recorded Wealthy Wednesday Calls for 10 Weeks
check_mark  9 Modules of life changing content  - Money Manifestation tools for LIFE
check_mark Facebook Group - private support and mentoring daily from Lara and the group of awesome change makers
check_mark  Money Manifestation Home Play - tools and practices to Manifest Money (and anything else!) for the rest of your life!
check_mark 1:1 Support from Lara Live on the group calls and in the Facebook group
check_mark Bonus Abundance Activation Live 1 Day Event! 
niamh mckernan"Going on this journey with Lara was about learning to deeply value my work and myself on a new level. Her work has allowed me to begin to let my true colours shine through and that is a big difference to how I valued myself before.
In the past, I would value myself for my achievements or from what I was doing. Now I am learning to value myself for who I truly am and for what I truly desire. This has magical effects. As I allow my work to flow from that place, so many questions and anxieties around what I am doing or how I am doing it have fallen away. Because I feel so much more in alignment with my work, it has become far easier to steer my business in the right direction. I am allowing my business to unfold as it wants to and I can just go along for the ride. So far my income has doubled since doing the course. Clients are coming to me effortlessly. I used to spend a lot of time trying to get work and now they just come knocking! Other dream work opportunities have come my way as well. This way of working and the kind of work I am doing now is so easy and enjoyable for me that I feel like I am being paid to be myself."
Niamh Mckernan - Movement Teacher, Director, Coach and Bodyworker
shutterstock_105796782 (1)The Abundance Activation Group Programme is here to empower you with tools that you can use for life.
Many people on previous Abundance Activation Group Programme have received more money into their business, which is wonderful and very possible, but the main intention is that you have powerful money manifestation tools to use in your life and business for the rest of Your LIFE. 
The 10 weeks is a strong financial platform in which to leap off from, taking you to the next level in your business and your life.


testimonial-2"I absolutely loved Lara’s Course. Lara has this deeply healing and comforting energy, that has really helped me to open up and be able to receive. The wonderful 5 Steps Lara taught us have helped me over so many uncomfortable moments.
I loved the experience in her sacred group, and felt very comforted. It was great to see what others go through and share my experiences, and often it was very similar, so we could really assist each other, and just knowing I am not alone out there was awesome. Lara clearly guided us from week to week and her support during the week was heart warming. I learned to step more into my own power and be open to receive, by growing my self esteem and self worth. How amazing to come out of a wonderful and fun course feeling so much better. I can highly recommend Lara’s Abundance Activation Course to anybody and especially to sensitive empaths like me. You will learn to honour yourself more and more each day. Trust your guidance, if this course feels like it could help you, the answer is YES it will." 
Caroline Palmy - Healer
Frequently Asked Questions


What if I can't make the calls live?
The great thing about this online group programme is that you can do most of it in your own time.  It's great if you can join the live calls as much as you can on Wealthy Wednesdays, but there is a recording of each call, so if you can't be there live you can send your questions in advance and listen to the recording in your own time.


Going on holiday during the programme? 
This is not a problem at all. You can listen to the calls from your computer anywhere in the world or catch up with the recording when you are back. The 10 weeks are there to support you wherever you are on your journey.


Who Will Be On The Group Programme?
The last Abundance Activation Course that ran had 11 women. There was a mixture of self employed business owners, Entrepreneurs and woman working in corporate jobs who would like to take the next step to running their own business in the future. For this upcoming Abundance Activation Course I will welcome up to 20 people who run their own business or would have a dream of running their own business or project one day.  Men are welcome to join this group.


How do the Group Calls Look Like?
On our group calls every week I take the time to speak with each and everyone of you, and to support you on this journey. So if you have any questions, or you're experiencing struggles, don't worry: I'm here for you on Wealthy Wednesdays and in the Facebook Group for the rest of the week.


What Happens in Facebook Group?
Facebook Group is a safe and intimate place for everyone to share their feelings, concerns, questions and their progress between our Wealthy Wednesdays. It is amazing how supportive the group really is and how many friendships take place! The main purpose of the group is compassion, support and non-judgmental attitude - for so many individuals this is such a change and such a remarkable place to be who they truly are.


What If I Don't Feel Comfortable Sharing in Facebook Group?
Don't worry if you don't feel ready to share your feelings and experiences right from the start. As the programme goes on, all of the participants really open up when they experience the loving support and space we are all holding for each other in the group. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can just write your questions to me on our group calls, and I will answer them.
Tina Suklje
"I’ve been following Lara and her work for a while before deciding to join her on this journey. I’ve always loved her beautiful energy, but I was blown away by just how deep this journey went! I was literally reborn in these past 10 weeks!
So much happened to me in this short time, both on a personal and professional level! I thought we will be working only on Money Blocks and our limiting beliefs, but I went way deeper on this wonderful abundance manifestation course. I had no idea just how much money is connected to self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance! Lara’s coaching support, healing and clearing energy throughout the live calls was absolutely amazing and she is without a doubt one of the best Coaches I’ve ever worked with.
My biggest takeaway was taking guided action, instead of ‘should-s’ and fears that so often drive me, and I started showing up fully in my business, alongside with coming out of the hiding completely, in every aspect of my life. I even started making videos, something I've been procrastinating for a long time! 
Another very important growth that happened to me during this time was my business, as I got really clear on my ideal clients, booked several of them, re-branded and re-designed my services (and my website!), and added to my services. Now I'm more comfortable and confident about money, and I value my services. I’m really amazed just how deep, profound and life changing this journey has been with Lara! She is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to work with her again!"
Tina Suklje - Mindset Coach and Inner Goddess Activator, VA for Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!



To make this an even easier decision for you, Lara has included a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on The Abundance Activation Course.  If after 30 days you feel that this course is not for you, you will be given a full refund.
The Investment in your Transformation
*Please note that when you sign up for The Abundance Activation Group Programme instalment plan, you commit to paying all instalments after the 30 day Money Back guarantee.  Thank you x

Lara Walman


It would be a great pleasure to have you join this transformational journey of saying YES to money, YES to creating a life of greater Ease, Joy, Flow and Fulfilment, and YES to all of the good things that life is ready and waiting to gift to you.
Welcome to this magical adventure of Receiving, Rising Up and Expanding into the Next Level in your Business and your Life.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lara directly on her e-mail: or book a Free Breakthrough session below.

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