Hi!  I am Lara Waldman.  I use my gifts as a Healer, Channel and psychic to help you with you live a life of balance, harmony and abundance.  I believe that we are here upon this earth for so much more than struggle and survival.  It is my purpose to help you realise your full potential and live a life of true abundance, in every area of your life.

I help my clients to work consciously with any struggles and challenges they may be facing and discover the gold underneath the pain.  What is this situation calling you into?  What is the greater purpose here?

Your heart and soul are guiding you to wake up to a whole new level of what is possible for you and your life.  I help you to uncover your hidden gifts and power to live an amazing life for the benefit of yourself and others.

In this video, I share my personal journey from my personal struggle to becoming a healer.

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Lara has been practicing as a Healer and Spiritual Coach since 2003.  In the same year Lara began running regular healing and meditation groups and has been teaching Healing Workshops since 2006. Lara has taught Energy Clearing Workshops with Triyoga, London.   The Divine Leadership Activation course, Lara’s first online group programme, was launched in September, 2015.  The Abundance Activation Course is her more recent group online programme.

Lara has appeared as special guest on the Upgrade Your Life Podcast with Maria K, the Receiving Rachael radio show with Rachael O’Brien, the I Am Well show with Annemieke, The Soul Sanctuary with Jackie Stewart, The Potency Package with Marina McQueen and Knowledge Nation with Jess Lewis.

Lara is an Inspirational Speaker on Abundance Activation,  Money Manifestation and living a Heart lead life.

Lara works privately with clients on a one to one basis and with groups of students via talks, workshops and courses.

If you would like to speak to Lara about how she can support you, please email Lara to find out more mail@larawaldman.com