Lara Waldman Affiliate programme

Earn money by sharing the abundance ecosystem with your circle.

Become an Affiliate and make money by sharing our life changing events with your circle.

If you're a current Living Abundance Mastermind or Leader client or anyone who's experienced my work and know others who would benefit from joining, we'd love for you to become an affiliate so that you can be rewarded for anyone you send our way who ultimately becomes a client of ours.

For anyone who successfully joins either our Living Abundance Mastermind or Living Abundance Leaders program, a commission of 10% will be generated for you when they signup through your unique link.

To signup as an affiliate, simply read the terms on this page and if you agree, enter your details in the form and we'll send you your unique link to share with your circle.

We can't wait to have you on board to share the abundance!

Read below to familiarise yourself with our Affiliate Terms

Which programs qualify for an affiliate fee?

At the end of an introductory event (e.g. Wealth Retreat, Masterclass, Living Abundance Live event), we invite attendees to join our flagship Living Abundance Mastermind program (LAM) or the Living Abundance Leaders program. (LAM) . Both are 12 Month programs and we offer a payment in full option and payment plans. Both considered qualifying programs.

What is the affiliate fee?

As a thank you for referring awesome people our way, you'll receive a 10% referral fee based on the cash that we receive, minus any processing fees. Which would be between £400-£800 depending on the program purchased and the clients payments being in good standing.

What is the payout frequency? And when does it start? .Must the program be completed fully before payout or is it paid out monthly?

To ensure it’s a great fit for both them and us, our clients can exit the program after 10 days and receive a full refund if they feel it’s not a fit for any reason, or they can exit at 30 days having paid one months fee.

If a referral does not continue beyond the initial 30 days, no payouts will be made.

Should the referral continue beyond the initial 30 day trial period, referral payments will start 30 days after the first month has been completed (i.e 60 days from the date of signup) and will be on a cash basis. Meaning - you will get paid when we do. If the referrals payments are delayed or reduced or the referral is not in good standing, no referral payment will be made.

Would I get commission on any future sales? Eg if someone were to upgrade to LAL, or an event, or do another year in LAM?

As an affiliate you are eligible to receive a referral fee for the initial qualifying course purchased. So if the referral initially joins LAM, and subsequently upgrades to LAL inside of 12 months, you will receive commission on the initial agreement entered into. In this case - 12 months of payments for LAM as long as the referral is in good standing.

Must the contact be completely new to your CRM/Database to qualify for a referral fee? Or will I get any “credit” if they signed up to the Wealth Retreat through my link, but are already on your list beforehand?

The Referral must be from outside of our network. This means that the Referral must not be listed as a contact in our Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) platform when they signup through your link.

In the case that a Referral is already a contact in our database but they signed up to an event through your link and subsequently purchased a qualifying program based on your recommendation, we reserve the right to make an exception to this rule at our discretion should we see a fitting situation.

What happens if that person has been referred by multiple affiliates?

In the rare event more than one Affiliate refers a Referral, and that Referral is NOT already listed as a contact in our CRM, only the Affiliate who’s unique link was first used is eligible for the affiliate fee.

Lara Waldman Ltd reserves the right to make an exception to this rule at our discretion should we see a fitting situation

Will I get paid every month regardless of the referrals payment status? 

Referral payments are made on a cash basis, meaning you’ll get paid within 60 days of when we do. So if the member is no longer in good standing, payments will stop.  

Enter your details to become an affiliate & we'll send you your unique link to share with your circle

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