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For many, many years I had been hiding.  I was terrified of coming out as a healer and sharing the depth of who I am with the world.  I feared persecution, judgment, criticism and rejection.  These fears were paralysing for me.  It was only the last couple of years that I have been able to fully come out and take the risk of sharing myself with the world.  It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

Staying hidden from the world kept me blocked from so many gifts that the world and the universe has to provide.  It has been beyond amazing what has been showing up for me since I made the choice to show up here on this planet.  So many gifts are awaiting us!

In this video I share how coming out of hiding helps you to find your tribe, the people you are here to serve and your friends who vibe on a similar level to you.  Showing up and finding your tribe makes living on this planet so much more enjoyable and worth while.


Hold this intention daily:
“I commit to my life.  I commit to showing up here now in my body, on this planet.  I ask for all the support that I need to do this to come to me now.”

If you would like any help with committing to your life and showing up here on this earth, please feel free to contact me or 0207 503 3356/07813 568 069

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