Expand Into Your True Wealth Frequency Where Everything You Desire Is Possible.

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In this 45-minute call I’ll help you get absolute clarity on what’s blocking you from receiving money, success and endless creative flow so you can embody your wealth frequency and manifest your business and life goals effortlessly.

Live Life unlimited and blow open your capacity to receive 10x

See what others just like you have been able to create by implementing the Wealth Method

Lara has the ability to create a safe, loving space and ’see’ into your energy in a totally non-judgmental and loving way that shines a light into places you may never have visited before, offering a completely new perspective on your vision, on what’s in alignment for you to manifest, as well as how you might be blocking the fullest expression of that vision.

My 1-to-1 Money Mastery Session with her was extraordinary and the insights I received during the call continue to ripple out.

If you’re looking for a guide and mentor who truly sees you and can lovingly show you how to do the inner work required to truly activate your abundance, go to Lara. Her work is profound and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to experience it.

Linda Anderson

EFT Tapping Coach & Mindset Magician

Ever since doing Lara’s Money Mastery Session, I have been manifesting £5K a month!

Naomi Taylor


I manifested over $8k in 3 days just doing Lara’s money mastery session. This is a feminine, energetically aligned approach to money and mindset, delivered from a real place of heart.
Leesa Whisker

Founder, Style Empowerment Coach

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