Have you been feeling heavy, down, exhausted or overwhelmed?  If you would like to feel lighter in your every day life, you will get a lot of benefit from using these tool.  It’s time to raise your vibrational frequency!

Everything is energy.  Your thoughts, emotions and your physical body are all energy.  All energy vibrates at different frequencies.  The energies that we experience as negative, such as sadness and depression, have a lower vibrational frequency and the emotions that we experience as positive, such as joy and peace, have a higher vibrational frequency.

If we remove all judgment from life i.e. our judgments of people, places, things, emotions and thoughts,  everything is simply energy, vibrating at different frequencies.  So rather than saying a certain energy is bad or good, my practice is to first clear all of the judgements and then make a choice.  What energy would you like to experience?  What can you do to change this?

To feel good in your mind, body and emotions, you need to raise your vibrational frequency.  From my experience, this is a daily practice.  You need to put things into practice on a daily basis to feel good.  Feeling good is a choice.  Some days you may naturally feel good, but in order to feel good on a regular, consistent basis,  you will need to make active daily choices which will lead you to feeling better.

Here are a few suggestions to help you raise your vibrational frequency…

How to raise your vibrational frequency

  • Move Your Body – walk, run, swim, do yoga, dance
  • Diet – look at the foods and drink that you are putting into your body.  Are they high vibrational foods or low vibrational foods?  Processed foods are low in vibration, organic whole foods are high in vibration.  Choose more of the high vibrational foods and drinks to feel good.
  • Get outside in nature – consciously receive the free healing from Mother Nature, nature in naturally high in vibration.
  • Meditate – meditate every day to balance your mind and clear negative/heavy thoughts and emotions. Lara’s Free Meditation E-Course
  • Ask!  – ask the vibrational frequency of your body, of every single cell in your body to rise.  This will automatically raise your vibrational frequency.  You will need to do this every day, so add this simple tool to your daily practice.  Ask that your vibrational frequency rises in a way that works for you and your body.

Shifting your vibrational frequency and choosing to feel good not only benefits you, but everyone around you.  Your vibrational frequency impacts on the entire planet!  As you choose to raise your vibrational frequency, you help to raise the vibration of the collective.  This creates powerful change for you, humanity and the earth.  This is you being the gift for all of life.

Thank you for being here.

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