Healer and Freedom Coach, Lara Waldman, speaks on the hidden gifts that lie behind every challenge and struggle.

In this week’s Vlog I am speaking about the hidden gifts that are hiding beneath your pain.  I know, it may seem like you couldn’t be further from gifts and gold when you are struggling, but what I know after years of working with this both personally and professionally is that whatever challenges you are facing, there is always something beneath that challenge just waiting to be discovered.

I had to move through a lot of physical, emotional and mental pain before I discovered the gold of being a healer for example.  I was a slow learner then, but now I know that the pain we experience can be like little bread crumbs from our body, our higher self and the universe, guiding us towards something even greater.

This is not always an easy journey but one that is so worth it if you are looking for a deeper, richer and more fulfilling life.

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All my love,

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