After taking a long break over Christmas, I was itching to get back to my work.  I absolutely LOVE what I do, in fact, it doesn’t actually feel like work to me, it feels like play time.  The holidays are not my favourite time of year as everything seems to stop energetically and creatively.  I end up feeling quite flat and tired when there is not enough going on for me creatively.  I have learned this about myself so I make sure I do things that uplift my spirit like being out in nature and exercising.  This year I also made sure to include a few ‘working’ days over the holidays so I could see clients.  I always feel better after giving healing and coaching sessions.

After my first official day back working I had a rough night’s sleep.  I had a terrible headache and I had hot/cold sweats all night.  My muscles ached.  Something was going on with my body.  I thought it might be down to cutting out caffeine for my New Year’s detox, but the symptoms were too severe to just be caffeine withdrawal.

I had just had a very restful Christmas break, slept a lot, relaxed completely, and I had a cold just before the holidays.  It didn’t make sense to me why I was feeling this way.  Why was I getting ill now?!  I was quite annoyed by it all.  I felt this huge pressure to get moving, to give love and energy to my clients and my business.  I was in a fight with my body.

Our body is communicating with us all of the time.  Mostly we ignore our body.  We get messages about what our body wants to eat, drink, what exercise it wants, how much sleep we need, but we rarely listen.  We keep pushing forward with our agenda ignoring the messages that our body is sending us.  The problem with this is that eventually our body will force us to listen, often times through illness.

I don’t look at illness the way most people do.  I am always looking for the deeper messages behind the illness.  From a healing perspective, there is always something deeper going on.  For example, getting ill is one of the ways that our body can force us to stop.  In our society there is a huge pressure to keep going, to keep pushing through no matter what.  We are not taught the value of stopping and being.

I finally surrendered to the fact that my body wanted to rest, so I cancelled work.  It took a little while for my ego-mind to accept this, but I finally let go.  After I had a sleep and a long bath, I lay down and meditated to find out what was going on with my body.  As I lay there I started to have more awareness as to what was happening.  I got the clear message that I needed to practice surrendering on a much deeper level and shift my energy from the way that I have been working.

When I am doing my healing work I move very naturally into a soft, surrendered, feminine energy but I have a tendency to go into a pushing, masculine energy when working on the business end of things.  I was being shown how I put a lot of pressure on myself and that I have been pushing too hard.  The message I received was to stop, surrender fully, trust and let the universe guide me forward.

Although I am not sure exactly how it looks to work in a surrendered way, I have got the message loud and clear.  I will now make it my practice to move forward from a more surrendered place.  I need to get out of my own way and allow the universe to guide me even more.  I have been blocking the full flow of energy and support that I could be receiving.  This was the gift that I received from having to spend 2 days in bed.  It took my body forcing me to stop to get the full message.  I can be stubborn sometimes!

When we listen to our body, life can flow much more smoothly.  In the moment it may not make sense and it can be really frustrating, but there is always a pot of gold lying somewhere in physical and emotional challenges.  I promise!

What is your body communicating to you?  What changes can you make to move into greater harmony with your body?

How to listen to your body:

1. Stop

2. Meditate – This is a great practice to learn how to slow down your mind and connect to your body.  See Lara’s free meditation e-course ‘4 Weeks to Free Your Mind’ below if you need help with meditation.

3. Ask your body questions – example  “Would you like to eat now body? What would you like to eat?  Would you like to move?  What would you like to do?”

4. Follow your intuition, not your mind – your mind will tell you all sorts of things, but what is your intuition saying?  Our body speaks to us through our intuition, our gut instinct, not our mind.

5. Take action

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