June 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2024 in London, UK

Eradicate The Feast or Famine Cycle With Money & Elevate Your Business and Life Beyond Extraordinary

As a conscious leader in business who's doing everything you can to empower others, you have a responsibility to OWN YOUR THRONE and stop:

🖐🏽 Undercharging or working with people who aren’t a vibrational match

to your gift & who don’t get the full value of what you do

🖐🏽 Over giving or leaking your energy

trying to people please or avoid judgement

🖐🏽 Shrinking your message, your pricing or your self so you’re not seen as too much, too intense, too emotional, too needy or the big one… too greedy.

So you can step into your highest and truest power instead of giving it away to fear, frustration and AVOIDANCE of your purpose on the planet...

And SHATTER the ceiling that's blocking you from hitting your 7-figure goals.

It’s time to Own Your Wealth And Your Worth

If, right now, despite having what looks to the outside world like a successful business...

Inside you often feel like you’ve hit a glass ceiling…

Knowing you’re made for so. much . more but just feel STUCK, recycling different versions of the same experience over and over again, such as:

🚨 Stagnant business growth. Creating the same or similar revenue levels for the last few years with only incremental growth.

🚨 Making more money than ever, only to feel more anxious and worried about cashflow.

🚨 Feeling frustrated with your clients or your work, but the thought of changing anything feels terrifying.

🚨Working longer hours than ever, sacrificing your health or relationships because there's always something that needs doing and you're the only one who can do it...

Then I want you to know, there is another way...

Here's what I know to be true...

If you're currently making £5k a month... it's because of how you think and feel.

If you're making £50k a month it's because of how you think and feel.

You see... who you are today is perfectly aligned to manifest your current financial reality.

So in order to step into the frequency of who you must become to make multiple 6 or 7-figures in revenue no big deal, you get to let go of the limiting stories, beliefs, habits that block you from stepping into that reality.

And I can show you exactly how.

Coming to London, UK on June 21st, 22nd & 23rd, you're invited to;

A 3-Day transformational portal to unlock the codes to your true wealth frequency so you can:

👏🏽 Charge what you’re actually worth instead of letting the “OMG what if they won’t pay” voices talk you out of it.

👏🏽 Breakthrough buffering or avoidance patterns that send you binging on Netflix instead of taking the action you KNOW you should be taking

👏🏽 Walk as the fullest, boldest expression of who you are, rather than letting doubt keep telling you others are doing it better

👏🏽 Unlock your next and highest level of success yet, making your current results look like child’s play

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16 Lonsdale Rd, London NW6 6RD, UK

The Hearth, 16 Lonsdale Rd, London NW6 6RD

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See what others experienced…


I fully embodied my worth, knowing with absolute certainty what I’m here to do

"By the end of our day together I was feeling peaceful and inspired. But more than that, I felt deeply aligned with my purpose and the value of my work.

I fully embodied my worth, knowing with absolute certainty what I’m here to do, who I’m here to support and why my work is important.

Lara lit a fire in my belly and it’s still burning bright.

Lara has taught me so much about getting clear on what I want, letting go of judgment, and being open to receiving. And whilst my logical brain doesn’t always understand how or why this works, it doesn’t have to!

I trust Lara absolutely and the results speak for themselves"

Louise Miller - Productivity Mentor


2 days later $10k landed in my account

"It was a wonderful experience to spend a day in London, connecting with the magic of being a Creator.

Lara and her team transformed the space into one of magic and safety, and over the day my sense of what is possible expanded – and as a life-long waver of the flag of possibility, this is saying something!

The thing that stood out for me was how easy it suddenly seemed. To just let go. To just choose. Oh and two days later £10,000 landed in my account. Thanks Lara!"

Kate Wolf - Soul Work Guide

From our 2 days together, you'll walk away:

Connected to your Soul Aligned Vision so that you’re in alignment with what you actually desire, not just what you think you want.

Free from past blocks that have kept you playing small, living in fear, and afraid to value your work and yourself

Fired up to take courageous bold action, without the need to buffer with distractions

With full self-granted permission

to OWN every ounce of your worth

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EVENT DATES: JUNE 21ST, 22ND & 23RD 2024

Meet your host

I’m Lara Waldman and I am your Abundance Activator.

After 25 years of doing this work in the self-development field (18 of those years, I have been focused on Money Manifestation Mastery) with people like you, I have developed my skill and talent to hold space for, nurture, and kick ass all in the same event.

People leave this event with a sense of wholeness and their purpose ignited. They leave KNOWING what they need to do next to fulfill their soul’s purpose and to own their worth and wealth.

I want you to experience that, too, because I do not believe that we are put on this Earth just to struggle and barely survive.

I believe that we have our own unique paths and stories and NOW is the time to own them.

Join me on February 3rd & 4th and let me show you exactly how.

This event was created for YOU if:

✊🏽 You're an entrepreneur, creator, or leader who’s been guided to empower and lift the world in some way.

🙋🏽‍♀️ Through your hustle or skill you’ve been able to make good money, but the thought of doing more to make more feels exhausting and completely off-putting.

🙅🏻‍♀️ You feel a bit conflicted about money and growing wealth for yourself – on one side you desire that growth, but it also feels scary, immoral, and dangerous somehow which has you in an energetic headlock and you can’t quite breakthrough.

And it's definately for you if you're reading this and thinking “all she’s talking about is money – there’s so much more to life than money, I don’t care that much about money” and yet it’s still a source of constraint or concern in your life.

Soul-deep transformation doesn’t take time. It takes courage.

To let go of who you believe yourself to be so you can step into the highest evolution of yourself.

You don’t need years of therapy, more courses, a rebrand or to spend any more time waiting to be “qualified” enough to LEAD.

You already are worthy. That bit was never in question.

The thing that's holding you back from your next level of income and leadership is the deep subconscious programming that makes up the wiring of your nervous system.

The good news is – it’s entirely re-programmable when you tap into your true wealth frequency and realise just how easy and natural being you and making money can be.

So, if you made it all the way down here

And you're ready to blow your own mind with what YOU can create.

Join me, for Living Abundance Live in London. Grab your ticket below.

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Is accommodation in London provided? Or can you recommend anywhere to stay?

Your ticket price includes 3 days of in-person training in London, in order to keep it affordable, accommodation is not included but there are lots of options available through websites like Air BnB or Booking.com

Click here to see some accommodation suggestions from booking here.

What happens if I can't make it on the day? Can I get a refund?

Event ticket sales are non-refundable. However we know that life can get in the way some times so if something comes up - let the team know and we'll make sure you get a chance to have a 1:1 breakthrough call with Lara.

Will food be provided on the day?

We don't provide food on training days however the event location is situated close to lots of great options for lunch & snacks

What should I wear on the day?

There's no fixed dress code - we just recommend you aim for smart-ish casual and whatever you feel comfortable to freely move around in.

I've got a question that's not answered here - who can I speak to?

We'd be thrilled to answer any questions about the upcoming event. Just shoot us an email to mail@larawaldman.com and we'll get right back to you.