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Chapter 1



Please journal on…

  • How do you feel about money? What does money mean to you? What is the purpose of money?
  • Make a note in your journal anything that you observe about your relationship with money, reflect each day
  • How Much Money Would Give You Financial Freedom?
  • First Step Goal
  • Big WOW Goal
  • Why is this important to you? What is the impact of this money? What would it do for your life and the lives of others?



-30 minutes each morning
-5-10 minutes at night


  • buy your vision board. I recommend a pin board, with post it notes/cards and pins
  • write your money goals/intentions on your vision board
  • write your money WHY, your money fuel on the vision board

Your Money Commitment
add this to your vision board too!

“I commit to saying YES to money each and every day. I commit to moving through anything and everything that is holding me back from welcoming more money into my life with ease and joy. I commit to welcoming in wealth into my life now in alignment with my true authentic self.”

Chapter 2



Relax every day for a minimum of 20 minutes

Listen to Lara’s guided meditations if you need support
STEP 1 RELAX BONUSES – Guided Meditations

Introduction To Meditation

5 Minutes

10 Minutes

15 Minutes

20 Minutes

  • Stop and be with yourself uninterrupted
  • Meditate
  • Lie down
  • Breathe
  • Connect in with your money goals, imagine it with you now
  • Reflect on anything that comes up about money in your journal
  • Post in the Facebook Group

We would like to find out a bit more about you. In the Facebook Group please share:

  • What do you do?
  • What difference would you like to make on this planet?
Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Home Play and BONUSES

Watch this video for a guided meditation on Step 1 Relax and Step 2 Release: Releasing Meditation

Lara’s video on working with your Ego.  Watch here: Hello Ego

Home Play

  • Run Step 1 Relax and Step 2 Release every day, morning practice
  • Watch your thoughts, watch your words
  • Release all limiting thoughts and beliefs throughout the day when you catch them – then come back to your WOW GOAL and your money FUEL
  • Journal on the blocks to money
  • If you had £100,000,000 plus in a pot, what would you choose?
  • How can you bring more of that into your life now?
Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Home Play and Bonus

Guided meditation with Step 1 Relax, Step 2 Release, Step 3 Receive

Step 1-3 Abundance Activation Meditation


  • Practice Step 1 Relax, Step 2 Release, Step 3 Receive daily
  • Look at your vision board after Step 1
  • Breathe it in – breathing in money, love, your connection to the divine
  • Step into vibrational alignment with your money goals
  • Where are you pushing money away?
  • 10% account
  • How much money would you like in your wealth pot? Put on your vision board
  • Bring money, your wow goal, into the now, become it now
  • Share any receiving/manifestation techniques that you have
  • Keep releasing any blocks that you come up against
Chapter 5
Guided Meditation including Step 4 Rhythm
Home Play
  • Practice Step 1 Relax, Step 2 Release, Step 3 Receive, Step 4 Rhythm daily
  • Receiving from the earth
  • Call on all of you to be here now
  • Give yourself permission to be here now – welcome you!
  • Where do you hide/shrink yourself? – Journal
  • Clearing for hiding/shrinking “Everywhere I have been hiding or shrinking myself, I let that go now”
  • How would your body like to move today?
  • Talk to your body, acknowledge it, say hello
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Home Play and Bonuses
Home Play
  • Step 1 Relax, Step 2 Release, Step 3 Receive, Step 4 Rhythm part 1 and 2
  • Play with the Yes/No intuition tools
  • Buy a pendulum if you want help with intuition
  • Journal with your intuition
  • Play with your intuition ie what food to eat, what drink, which direction, what activities?
  • See what comes when you sit still and ask questions
  • Keep clearing when your mind/emotions get in the way
  • Keep it light!
  • Add to your Vision board: “What choice can I make today that will create the greatest result?” “Who or What can help me with this?

I hope you have received value from this extra support while reading Money Manifestation Mastery.  To integrate the 5 Steps into your life on a deeper level, sign up to The Abundance Activation Course.


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