Have you been waiting for someone to validate who you are and what you do before you will allow yourself to step out and share yourself with the world?  Up until recently, this is what I was doing.  Somewhere I believed that in order to feel safe to share myself with the world, to show people who I really am, I first needed other people to appreciate and validate me.  Then, and only then, when I had approval, would it be OK to be me in the world.  Crazy, hey?

It wasn’t until last year I finally got that this would never happen, at least not in the way I was hoping it would.  In fact, I had to come to terms with the exact opposite, that people will judge the shit out of me and criticise what I do and who I am.  Oh boy.  Really?  I have to go there?  Yes ma’am, ya do.

I needed to give myself permission to show up as I truly am, regardless of how I would be received.  I needed to do this first and foremost for me, with the awareness that by doing this, I would also impact on others.  Some people may likey, some people may no likey.

So what if I could fully receive the judgement and criticism of others as willingly as I would receive love and appreciation from others?  This is now my practice.  When I feel others’ judgement and criticism, my body first goes into contraction and I want to hide.  This is my old  knee jerk reaction.  Then, when I realise what’s going on, I ask all my barriers to come down, I ask my being to expand out and receive the judgment.  Rather than hiding from the judgement or defending myself against the judgement, I breath it in.  What’s super interesting to me is that when I do this, I am fully aware that the judgement has nothing to do with me.  It is the other person’s crap which is being medium_6958309397projected at me, or it’s the other person’s crap which I am perceiving energetically and then I make it about me.

Is receiving judgement comfortable?  Heck no.  But with practice it is getting easier.  The more that I allow myself to receive judgment, the more fun I am having, the more energy I have and the more freedom I feel,  the freedom to be me!

So if you have been waiting for permission to show up as the difference that you truly are, then here it is.  Go out and be you.  The world is ready and waiting for all that you have come here to be and do.  Will everyone get you?  No.  But what they may not realise is that you are the gift that we have all been waiting for!  Thank you for showing up!


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