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The Living Abundance Mastermind is open for enrollment!

Check out Laras walkthrough of how this powerful transformation portal works and how it can support YOU in creating the results you want in your life and business. 

You’ll notice there’s no “buy now” button on this page and that’s because inside these deeper level containers, we only partner with those whom we’re 100% certain we can support to create incredible results.

That’s why we’d love to invite you to a complementary 1:1 Money Mastery Breakthrough session where Lara help you get absolute clarity on what’s blocking you from receiving money, success and endless creative flow so you can embody your wealth frequency and manifest your business and life goals effortlessly.

Working with Lara has been life-changing for me. She has this incredible ability to know what my higher self needs and wants, and how to support me in connecting with it.

She has helped me to re-connect with myself and develop a relationship with my intuition that just keeps getting stronger and is leading me towards the life I desire.

I love that when we work together we go deep and there’s no judgment or fear of my ‘messy’ or ‘shameful’ parts, everything is welcome – in fact, it’s invited in, as there’s so much possibility and abundance in all of these parts.

Tara Jackson

Writer and Holistic health and wellness coach,

I will always be grateful to Lara for her amazing work. She has helped me to trust myself a lot more.

I have enjoyed practising her ‘5 Steps to Abundance’ and use these techniques every day in my work and in my own life. These simple steps are so powerful and have had a transformational impact on how I see things and what I do.

Even though I had so much resistance at the beginning of my study with Lara, she was always kind and always patient. I am now enjoying my work even more and yes, I am feeling abundant!

Joo-Lee Stock

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