Here is what people who have worked with me have to say.

Working with Lara has been life-changing for me. She has this incredible ability to know what my higher self needs and wants, and how to support me in connecting with it.

She has helped me to re-connect with myself and develop a relationship with my intuition that just keeps getting stronger and is leading me towards the life I desire.

I love that when we work together we go deep and there’s no judgment or fear of my ‘messy’ or ‘shameful’ parts, everything is welcome – in fact, it’s invited in, as there’s so much possibility and abundance in all of these parts.

Tara Jackson

Writer and Holistic health and wellness coach,

Working 1:1 with Lara has truly changed my life. One of her gifts is that she can connect to and see your Higher Self super clear. She helped me bring much more of this limitless, true expression of myself into my body, my life and my business.

Her feminine energy has a way of holding space for all parts of someone that is really healing. Gifts we weren’t really aware of come to light. Shadow aspects are faced and transformed in a powerful process.

I highly recommend investing in working 1:1 with Lara, as it can truly bring your life and business to a whole new level that you probably can’t even imagine yet.

Joo-Lee Stock

I will always be grateful to Lara for her amazing work. She has helped me to trust myself a lot more.

I have enjoyed practising her ‘5 Steps to Abundance’ and use these techniques every day in my work and in my own life. These simple steps are so powerful and have had a transformational impact on how I see things and what I do.

Even though I had so much resistance at the beginning of my study with Lara, she was always kind and always patient. I am now enjoying my work even more and yes, I am feeling abundant!

Joo-Lee Stock

I had the honor of working with Lara as my coach for an entire year and it was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.
Working with her helped me shift through some powerful, old and unconscious money blocks, many of which I didn’t even know I had! Each session was like peeling away layers of muck to get to my truths. Together we went deeper into my understanding of who I am as a financially successful woman. 
Lara was there every step of the way with grace, attentiveness, support and love. I felt so safe, so special, so nurtured, so cared for. And in reviewing the year she spent working closely with me, it’s incredible to reflect on how far I’ve come in my understanding of wealth and the ability for it to flow consistently through my life, no matter what the external circumstances may be. 
I am truly honored and blessed to know Lara and thank her deeply for her support!
Laura West

Founder and CEO,

Lara has the ability to create a safe, loving space and ’see’ into your energy in a totally non-judgmental and loving way that shines a light into places you may never have visited before, offering a completely new perspective on your vision, on what’s in alignment for you to manifest, as well as how you might be blocking the fullest expression of that vision.

My 1-to-1 Money Mastery Session with her was extraordinary and the insights I received during the call continue to ripple out.

If you’re looking for a guide and mentor who truly sees you and can lovingly show you how to do the inner work required to truly activate your abundance, go to Lara. Her work is profound and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to experience it.

Linda Anderson

EFT Tapping Coach & Mindset Magician

Before I joined the Living Abundance Mastermind, I was in a really difficult place emotionally. My marriage was ending and I was having a hard time paying my business bills without the extra income to supplement me during my growing pains. I was also doing some deep healing work that I knew needed clearing, but I was having a hard time doing it on my own. I needed the support and safety to dive deep.

The shifts since I joined the Living Abundance Mastermind have been profound. I have experienced deep healing of childhood trauma and shifting of generational patterns, healing the ancestors to benefit myself and future generations.

Today, I’m not only self-sustaining in my business, but am actually profitable. I have better boundaries, which has improved my personal and business relationships tremendously. My ex and I have a smoother co-parenting relationship. We’re even working towards buying a property together so we can raise the kids together in the new framework of our deep friendship.

It’s very healing to be witnessed and held by others and I’ve been deeply moved watching other members of the Mastermind go through incredibly personal and profound transformation. Lara creates a beautiful safe space in which this deep work can take place.

I’m forever grateful to the Living Abundance Mastermind for the deep healing and transformation that’s made such an impactful, tangible difference in my life.

Eden Fadzo Croft


I spent the most amazing 6 months on a deep healing journey with wonderful Abundance Activator and gorgeous soul Lara. When I started my VIP course with Lara I was in a deep hole. I feared for my future, I thought I am unable to earn money, I felt like no one wants to work with me. I could only see black.

During our 1 to 1 healing and check-up sessions I was able to let go of fear, Lara allowed me to find my inner peace and reconnect with the Abundance of life and my being.

Lara’s Healing sessions are amazing, and I could sense my own strength and greatness. Having a 6 month experience made all the difference. Knowing I could reach out to Lara at any time was so reassuring, meeting her by weekly online was just what I needed to keep my feeling good going. I can see colours now.

I am feeling abundant, I am feeling good, I know I can do it, and feel good about my life and my abilities of serving clients. I am relaxed, I am back in trust and allowing it all to come my way. During my time with Lara, I was able to find a local healing center, where I can rent a room and am part of a fabulous team. I have already seen so many wonderful clients, and I know there are more to come. A huge door has opened for me.

I found a new depth and strength to be present with my clients for each session. I feel like I have arrived at being Caroline, and Lara helped me to open the door for me to step into my magnificence.

Thank you Lara, I had a most amazing time, I am deeply grateful for this experience, you are an amazing healer and facilitator and I am honoured to know you.
I can highly recommend anyone to work with Lara, she is able to open the doors for you, and helps you stepping into your own truth and magnificence.

If you feel like something is off, or you are withholding abundance (in any form) from yourself, allow yourself to go on a healing journey with Lara, you will love it.

Caroline Palmy

Heart Flow Healer,

I met Lara at a time in my life when I was stuck in just about every way a person can be; career, relationship, health, money, spirituality. I had been diagnosed with depression and felt disconnected from everything. I had gone as far as I could getting help through my GP, but I knew that to get fully better I needed someone to help me go deeper, though at the time I didn’t know how that would look.

Lara helped me to see that I was holding on to a lot of old patterns I unconsciously used to protect myself as a child, patterns that were now stopping me from living fully. I had been living a self-created illusion that was comfortable and safe, never stretching myself too far, never letting myself get into a vulnerable position, never pursuing my dreams, never daring to step into my own greatness, just keeping myself down in every way.

It was excruciating, dropping this veil of illusion, everything I had known and thought about who I was was in question.

Lara guided me through this process at a pace that was not shocking or painful, instead, showing me that there is magic on the other side of pain, and there is truth.

The veil had dropped, but this was an opportunity to rebuild myself in a conscious way and stop standing in my own way. To have someone understand exactly how huge this was for me was so important. I felt heard and understood, something I had not felt for a long time.

Lara helped me to change my life, to forgive myself, to understand myself, to respect my power, to realise there is a choice, and to keep going even if at times it’s too painful and you want to give up. I am so glad the universe has gifted us Lara, she is incredibly special and without her gifts, my own journey of healing and forgiveness would not have been possible. She is a dear friend and a truly special soul.


Singer, Mother of 2, UK

After taking a gap in my career to have my children, who are now both at school. I found myself at a block unknowing which direction to take my next steps.

I found this time very daunting and I felt very unsure of myself and my abilities, I was at a complete block. A friend brought Lara’s work to my attention.

We spoke on the phone, Lara waved her magic wand whilst we talked about what was true to my heart. I felt such a draw towards Lara’s personality and manner that there was no question in my mind that I was going to have some healing sessions with her. I was unsure where this work would lead me, I had never had healing before, but I was committed to giving it a try.

I could just feel Lara has a very special gift that oozes out of her, I knew that this was going to be a good choice. During our time together Lara gave me some valuable tools that I know I can pull out and use whenever I need to, whenever I get stuck and start to doubt myself.

Together, we moved obstacles out of my way, areas where I was unconsciously holding myself back, I am now able to see where I limit myself and have the tools to tackle these false beliefs. It’s not complete, its a continual work in progress, with Lara I have found my focus, with my newfound tools I am learning to believe in myself and how to achieve my dreams…

I’m on track, what more could I ask for. Lara is incredibly nurturing and supportive, we laughed and cried together, this time was an investment in myself that was worth every penny.

If you are considering working with Lara, do it, she is awesome! The best investment you will ever make is in yourself.

Thank you, Lara X

Claire Campbell

Yoga Teacher, Mother of 2, 36, UK

Meeting Lara and experiencing her powerful sessions has been nothing short of miraculous! After our first session, we created a beautiful plan to bring me financial freedom and it felt completely doable and fun.

Lara helped me release so many old and deeply rooted patterns that have held me back when it comes to allowing myself to receive more money. Her energy is so clear, powerful and gentle and as an intuitive and healer myself, this is the perfect combination.

It enabled me to feel safe enough to release some very painful patterns with my family and open up to my true path and purpose.

I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing healers and teachers in my life and Lara is the real deal.

Not only are her sessions both practical and deeply healing but she embodies everything she teaches so well. Her energy is so clear, grounded and multi-dimensional and her approach is very kind, loving and gentle.

I highly recommend her and her work to anyone who wants to clear their money blocks and experience true financial freedom.

Karina Ladet

Channel, Intuitive, Healer

Lara is a quiet and gentle powerhouse, holding you in a sacred space that feels as if you’re floating effortlessly in deep still waters under a starry sky.

She eases deeply into your energy field, feeling out traumas and blocks from many lifetimes, providing insight and guidance as she follows the tendrils right up to your presence so they can be fully and completely understood and released.

You will feel supported, safe and fully present as waves of emotion rise up, wash over you and ebb away, taking with them anything holding you back from your greatest potential. From here, your highest self is able to step forth, showing you what you are truly capable of.

My healing with Lara was a deeply moving experience filled with love, compassion and divine connection.


Healer, Canada

I booked in with Lara to get some guidance and support during a tumultuous time in my work and personal life.

So much was changing it felt terrifying, but Lara taught me to turn into the storm and to deeply trust. As a result, I have used my intuition to make some big decisions, and although not always comfortable, I really believe it is taking me in the right direction.

The healing sessions were a delight; as a practitioner myself, I don’t often allow myself the luxury of lying down so it was such a treat to have some nurturing for myself, time just for me.

Lara really believes there is great potential in everyone, and if you want to find someone to help you realise it, this is your woman!


Nutritionist, 27, UK

Working with Lara has been a lifesaver.

I work with people all the time helping them to achieve better health and as a healer, it is so important to feel I have someone supporting me.

Lara was able to guide me to work more effectively, to live a more balanced life and to achieve my soul potential. When we feel supported in life, knowing someone has our backs, we can journey even deeper into life.

I thoroughly recommend her work for everyone.


Nutritionist and Healer, UK

At the time I connected with Lara I was feeling frustrated that I was still carrying a lot of old baggage. I had been doing my inner work for quite a few years and had come a long way and yet certain issues kept coming round again & again, fear being the biggest one.

At first, I was wary & suspicious, an old pattern, but something in the energy that Lara & I created together gave me enough reassurance to embark on this journey. I was completely honest with Lara about all the resistance & reservations that I was feeling.

My goals were to release fear, be comfortable in my own skin and to enjoy a feeling of heart-centredness much more of the time. Right from the start, Lara gave me fabulous tools & strategies to keep me focussed on achieving my goals.

Each healing and check-in session gave me renewed impetus & inner calm, helping me to really recognise my negative behaviours & patterns and setting my intention for change. As the course progressed I could look back and see issue after issue being mastered and dissolving away in the mists of time, a terrific feeling!

At the end of 6 months, I could see & feel that I was very different. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin, enjoy a much more heart-centred existence and the controlling fears have all but disappeared.

I no longer allow myself to be run by fear and I am able to enjoy the wonderful twists & turns of life. Lara gives 100% in her work and demonstrates true compassion.


Healer/Teacher, Crystal Shop Owner, UK

I was introduced to Lara at a time in my life when I was feeling very lost and unhappy with my life knowing that I needed a change but was too complacent and scared to do anything about it.

Lara has been instrumental in giving me guidance, support and strength to make changes that I had often dreamed about.

She has nurtured strengths that I have neglected or overlooked and help me overcome various distractions I have had, allowing me to focus on achieving what I really want in life.

Now I am living a life that I love and have been the happiest I have been since university. She has this amazing angel-like quality about her.

A brief paragraph like this does not do her justice.

In a nutshell, she is one of the most intuitive, kind, gentle, patient, generous and gifted people I know. She has shared some wonderful tools with me that have transformed my life.


Ex-lawyer, 44, Hong-Kong/Australia

I saw Lara at an extremely challenging time in my life. After separating from the mother of my son and losing my father to cancer, my life fell apart and I fell into what I’ve never been able to clearly articulate.

What I can best describe as depression was certainly painful and debilitating, it was a struggle to do pretty much anything but mostly I felt disconnected from the world around me and I felt disconnected from myself. I was recommended to go as see Lara from a friend.

I booked in a session and when the day came I was two days into taking medication to try and help alleviate my symptoms. I stood at the door to Lara’s home and it took a few moments to pluck up the courage to knock.

I was greeted by Lara and felt immediately calmer. Her tenderness and incredibly strong and positive energy allowed me to open up and relax. The initial session was very powerful and emotional and many things came up that we discussed afterwards. I left feeling a little more connected to the world and myself.

I threw away the tablets and began to heal little by little and my life over the following weeks and months was transformed. I saw Lara a number of times over this period and it helped beyond measure. Lara helped me regain faith in the process of healing and to find a deep compassion for myself that I had been helplessly searching for alone in the dark.

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for meeting Lara but I know that she understands how much her healing and guidance has given me. So what’s the moral of the story? I’m never really sure, but I guess you have two choices if you feel as desperate as I did – drag yourself to a yoga class or even better just contact Lara. 🙂


Writer, Teacher, 35, UK

Before I saw Lara I was struggling with feelings of intense depression and anxiety. I had lost all sense of joy in life and was in need of long-overdue assistance.

Having tried more conventional help such as antidepressants, I was searching a more long-term, holistic and non-pharmaceutical approach. Since seeing Lara I feel uplifted and have found more ease, appreciation and real happiness on a daily basis.

Additionally, I have also been given tools and expanded capabilities in successfully navigating life’s occasionally more turbulent times.

I feel freer, happier, lighter and more positive than I have ever felt and can’t thank Lara enough for her warmth, compassion and deep sense of genuine caring.

I love and look forward to my transformative sessions with Lara and I simply cannot recommend her enough.


PA, 37, UK

I came to see Lara as I was desperate to conceive a second child. I didn’t know what to expect or how Healing worked but Lara immediately put me at ease and I felt able to completely open up to her.

I found her work to be totally transformative and more effective and powerful in shifting change than years of psychotherapy. Lara is a truly gifted healer – she seems to know truths about my deepest self and was able to unlock them for me to understand and make the change myself.

I always feel very safe and contained in our sessions. And I believe that it’s down to our sessions and becoming aware of an unconscious block that I was able to become pregnant. I now have a beautiful daughter and I’m forever grateful to Lara.

At the same time, I would leave her sessions feeling lighter, cleansed and more aware of other dynamics in my life. Since leaving London I’ve even had a long distance session in a car which was still really effective!

I’ve become a bit of an evangelist for how brilliant Lara has and recommend her to any friend that could do with some extra support and healing. Seeing Lara is the best present I’ve ever given to myself.


Producer, Mother of 2, 39, UK

I’ve had quite a few sessions with Lara having invested in one of her packages. I use the word investment as it has been an investment in my well-being that has proven to be effective and helpful.

I first went to visit Lara as I was feeling very disconnected from myself and was having trouble getting pregnant.

I am still not pregnant but the sessions have really helped me to develop more self-love and to start listening again to my inner voice.

Since then I have been feeling generally more positive and less entrenched in depressive thoughts and feelings.

I would recommend trying at least one session with Lara to experience what effect healing can have in your life on all sorts of levels!


Artist, 37, UK

Lara has helped me to ground, heal and clear in a time of need. Arriving at her sessions I feel nurtured and a sense of ‘coming home’.

She has guided me through powerful shifts in my life. I so appreciate Lara’s, warmth, compassion and Big heart.

She is a gift!


Yoga Teacher, 32, UK

I am in the middle of my first block of sessions with Lara, and already I can feel huge shifts within myself.

Destructive patterns that I have dragged around for years are beginning to fall away. Lara is revealing to me my true nature, and perhaps, finally, that I am capable of more than I allow myself.

My sessions with her are gentle yet expansive, as she guides with enormous empathy and humour. It is difficult not to be evangelical about her, she is wonderful!


Yoga Teacher, 38, UK

I am so amazed and grateful for my Premium Breakthrough session with Lara, it was invaluable!

By reading into my current energies, Lara clarified my current situation and challenges. She gave me tools and guided me with steps that I could take to see things more clearly.

The session has been really reassuring and I am clearer on my life path now.


Reflexologist, 35, UK

I recently reached out to Lara for a coaching session after experiencing several weeks of serious obstacles to getting my business up and running.

Using her amazing gifts of compassionate listening, intuition and several coaching tools she was able to accurately identify the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and help me forge a path through to the other side so that could move forward with my goals.

But even more valuable than helping me with my business, Lara helped me re-frame a “weakness” I have perceived about myself that I’ve held for my whole adult life and thus, overcome this very debilitating, unhelpful perspective.

Since my session with her, I have made progress with my business, feel more able to balance the demands of becoming an entrepreneur with being a full-time mum and feel better about myself than I have done in a long time!

Lara’s passion and commitment to helping people on their path, is truly amazing and inspiring.


Yoga Teacher, Mother of 2, 36, UK

Lara is a kindred spirit that has the extraordinary ability to see me as I am. She sees the person beneath all my crap, my stories, my worries and connects me to my highest truth, my spirit.

It’s incredible how psychic she is in reading my energy, knowing where my resistance lies and what I need to do to just allow, let go and receive.

After being a client of hers for a few years now, she continues to be a very influential part of my path. I have seen many healers but for me, none seem to have the capacity to really understand someone’s true nature as well as she does.


Movement Therapist, 39, UK

Lara is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. She guides me, supports me, inspires me and believes in me.

She has helped me find my true path, and if it wasn`t for her I wouldn`t have found the courage to be doing the work my heart was guiding me to do.

She has immense strength and courage, mixed with just the right amount of gentleness.

A true shining light, Lara will guide you to your power. She rocks, and I love her!


Artist, 37

I had a one-hour Breakthrough Session with Lara over the phone. Lara’s approached was skilled, gentle, empathic and at the same time, she was going directly to the point.

I felt heard. I was surprised that I was able to achieve such a degree of clarity within such a short time.

Towards the end, Lara suggested some ideas and techniques that I could then use in my own time to continue working on the issue.

This single hour has helped me to manage my work-study-personal life balance much better, which makes a huge difference in my life every day.


I have enjoyed healing sessions with Lara for several years now and always make sure to book in for an appointment whenever I’m in London.

Lara does an amazing job at helping you feel energised and empowered. I leave each session full of light and trust.


Artist, 39

What Lara does happens on a deep, deep level, which makes describing it with words a challenge.

But what I can say is that it has truly moved me and helped me and that I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.


From the minute I arrive for a session I feel I can switch off and just bathe in Lara’s amazing energy.

Whenever I leave Lara I feel happy, lighter and everything seems to make so much more sense!


I have enjoyed healing sessions with Lara for several years now and always make sure to book in for an appointment whenever I’m in London.

Lara does an amazing job at helping you feel energised and empowered. I leave each session full of light and trust.


Artist, 39

What Lara does happens on a deep, deep level, which makes describing it with words a challenge.

But what I can say is that it has truly moved me and helped me and that I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.


From the minute I arrive for a session I feel I can switch off and just bathe in Lara’s amazing energy.

Whenever I leave Lara I feel happy, lighter and everything seems to make so much more sense!


Lara as a healer is one of a kind, her smile lights up a room and her touch soothes beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

Even just thinking about our sessions makes me feel good.

Thank you, Lara, for your wonderful work and for becoming such a calming, centering influence in what can otherwise be a rather chaotic life.


Actor, 42

Before I saw Lara I had severe anxiety, panic attacks and some agoraphobia. At times I couldn’t see a way out.

When I met Lara she immediately made me feel at ease. Since working with her I have seen changes within myself and my life.

The sessions are truly amazing. I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to help themselves move forward with their life, overcome their fears and move towards the life of their dreams.


Music Producer, 30

I was recommended Lara by a friend after I told her about my anxiety and a strong desire to find a way to deal with it. Over the last 7 months, Lara has worked with me on tackling these issues from a number of angles.

Not only do I feel incredibly relaxed after each session, but she also provides tools for coping with situations by myself in between our sessions.

This has resulted in a fundamental shift in how I feel all the time (well with the odd occasional wobble that life throws which is normal!) rather than just for a few hours after seeing her.

My sister recently commented that she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen me so happy.


PR, 44

I came to Lara at a time when I knew I needed to dig deeper in order to uplevel in my business and get much more truthful about what I am here to do.
Lara is a rare find in a healer. She is a powerful channel and energy worker with an ability to take you deep into yourself to connect with your gifts. But she also works from a place of lived experience that enables her to hold your unravelling and becoming with huge compassion, understanding and humility. Working with her feels like being enveloped in a hug. She has a totally non-judgemental, loving mothering energy and an ability to hold fierce yet compassionate space for your inner growth.
Because of her wise presence and guidance, I was able to tap into depths of my own knowing and channel feminine wisdom I had been struggling to unlock due to fear of its power. She was completely unfazed by anything that came up in our sessions and able to hold the vision of my highest possibility for me to grow into.
Lara is someone who can be trusted with your deep vulnerability and also your infinite power. If you’re feeling called to work with her, I recommend you trust that wise nudge.
Niamh Gallagher

Soul Readings, Energy Healing and Feminine Leadership Mentoring

Healing with Lara has changed a lot of things in my life. It took away a lot of blockages and has helped me to see more clearly and keep my inner balance.

Some healing sessions can be very powerful and thanks to Lara’s calm and loving nature, it always feels right and safe.

She’s truly a great healer.


Thank you so much for my session. It was amazing and I feel so much better.

So grateful.


My Access Bars session with Lara was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It left me feeling powerfully connected and supported.

I was also more vital and energized than I’d felt in a long time.


I felt my whole body begin to feel really warm. I was so relaxed at one point I felt like I was floating.

The session was so powerful, I was beaming with radiance, full of gratitude and love in my heart.


I feel 1 million times better since my session with Lara!


Lara has helped me so much in my life. She has brought so much peace and healing.

Lara, you have helped me to start loving myself. I am forever in gratitude.


Lara, you really helped me to release a lot of grief and remember who I am at the same time.

Thank you. You are a powerful and generous healer.


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