How have you been?  Have you been finding this time intense or challenging?  If so, you are not alone!

This last week has been really intense for me.  I have had a challenging time.  My energy was down and I was feeling really emotional.  I knew that there was something very deep going on but I couldn’t fully access it.

After speaking to my Soul Sister Lysa Black, I decided to take the day off work.  I was exhausted and it was time to stop.  I had lots of work to do but I didn’t have any live client sessions booked in so I decided to put my work to one side for the day.

I had a good long sleep, took my dog for a walk in nature and brought my consciousness deep within me.  I received lots of amazing wisdom as I walked in nature, then lay down to meditate when I got home.   After an hour of lying down meditating, I receive a most nurturing healing and channelling session from my other Soul Sister, Karina Ladet.  This session open me up to even more awareness as to what was going on for me.  The exhaustion, emotion and tension finally began to unravel.

I would like to share with you now what came up for me in hope that this helps and inspires you through challenges that may be showing up in your life.

As I shared last week, this has been a massive year for me.  Visions and dreams that I have had for 20 years are finally showing up.  My first book is ready for preorder, almost ready to be birthed into the physical.  My heart’s work is ready to arrive in the hands of my soul tribe.

I am being told that 2017 is the year that I show up live in front of audiences.  It’s time to come out from hiding from behind my online presence and be present with a live audience.  I know this is right, and it’s time, but this is another big moment for me.

All of these things showing up in my life and business should be great, they should be celebrated and I should be squealing with delight from the mountain tops, but I am not.  What has really been going on?

After some deeper enquiry and support from my healing soul sisters, I realise that I am terrified.  My dreams are here, what I have seen psychically and wanted for 20 years is showing up, now.  It’s time.  And as crazy as this may sound,  this is creating an unpleasant reaction within myself.

inner childMy inner child is terrified.  There is a part of me, the part that I call my inner child, who feels very unsafe with all of this change.  My little girl feels like she is being left out in the woods all by herself.  She feels like she has no safety net, no one to look after her and no one to tell her what to do, and she doesn’t like it.  Find out more about inner child work here  This created a reaction in my body which left me feeling unwell, exhausted and emotional.  These reactions are a sign that deeper healing work is needed.

In these moments when I am personally struggling, I have so much compassion for everyone who is struggling.  I totally get why people don’t go for their dreams.  I completely understand why people stay stuck in what they know.  It’s terrifying and the most uncomfortable thing ever going for what you truly desire and what is truly on your Soul’s path.

dreamsThere is a part of me that does not want my dreams to happen.  That part of me doesn’t want to show up, does not want to be visible and wants to stay in her comfort zone, but in a way I have no choice.  I do have a choice, but at the same time I don’t.  To not go forward with my purpose is to choose a slow and painful death.

Paradoxically, to choose your dreams, to go forward into the unknown also feels like death.  I have to die to the old, to release the old way of being and doing life on order to welcome in the new.  My dreams showing up, as good as it all sounds, is taking me through a death experience.  I am dying to the old to welcome in the new.  This can be painful.

If you can relate to this and are struggling right now, please ask yourself, what are you fighting? What are you resisting?  What is being asked of you?

These are the steps that I recommend to help you birth your dreams into reality…

  • Stop – meditate
  • Surrender – get out of your own way
  • Receive healing or spiritual mentorship – you don’t have to do this alone

lotus flower

We are scared to let go because we don’t know what is on the other side.  From many years of experience on my own personal journey and helping many clients over the years with their personal journey, when you let go, you make space for what your heart and soul is truly asking for.   You only let go of what is no longer working for you in order to make space for what is exactly right for you.

Going for your dreams and leading a soul-led life is not easy, it takes you to the deepest depths of yourself, but wow, does it ever take you to the most beautiful places as well.  I promise you, no matter how challenging or painful things may be for you in the moment, it’s so worth it.  There is great magic and many gifts waiting for you on the other side. The doors to your dreams are ready to be opened.

Now back on track within myself, I feel the greatest love in my heart and a great desire to serve and help people to come home to the truth of who they are.  When the fear and resistance is cleared, there is clarity, focus, peace, love and purpose.  It’s an honour to share this journey with you.

follow your dreams