Lara WalmanLara Waldman is The Abundance Activator and Inspirational Speaker, Healer, Abundance Coach and Author of the book "Money Manifestation Mastery - 5 Steps To Abundance Activation".

Lara empowers Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to attract more money into their life and business. She teaches women how to use Money Manifestation as a vehicle to fulfilling their Life's Purpose and making the change they were born to make.

Lara helps you to embody your great gifts and share them more authentically, effectively and powerfully in the world.



Uncover where you are Blocking Money from your business and your life

In this 60 minute Skype or telephone conversation you will:

  • Get crystal clear on your money goals and dreams
  • Uncover your money blocks, how you are unconsciously sabotaging your dreams
  • Get clear on the next best step to transform your relationship with money right away

Apply for your session with Lara by clicking below:

At the end our our session, if you would like to find out more about how I can help you further, I can spend a few minutes sharing how I can support you.

Money Manifestation Mastery - The Book

Find out more here or order your signed copy from Lara directly under 'The Book' section of this website.  You can also order your copy directly from any major retailer worldwide.

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