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DSC_7418_2Hi!  I am Lara Waldman, The Abundance Activator.  I use my gifts as a Healer, Channel and psychic to help you with your relationship with money, as this is an area that sticks so many heart centred business women.  I believe that you are a great Leader upon this earth here to make a great impact.  It is my purpose to help you realise your full potential through activating your abundance and money manifestation.

If you have been struggling with taking your business and finances to the next level, I want you to know that you are not alone and that there is a way through.

For years I struggled when it came to money. I was only just getting by.  Our financial situation got worse when my husband and I had children. Although I was very happy being a mummy, I felt stuck, trapped and frustrated by our financial situation. Every month we were spending more than we were bringing in which lead to a huge amount of stress, especially nearing the end of each month.  I couldn’t understand why this was happening.  I had big visions of my purpose and the difference that I was here to make on this planet and yet I was completely limited by our financial situation.  I knew that I wasn’t living my full potential but I didn’t know how to change it.

I then discovered that my financial struggle was rooted in something deep within me. I discovered that I had big money blocks, strong unconscious, negative self-beliefs that were stopping me from changing my financial situation. I was blocking money from coming into my life because I did not feel worthy enough to receive it.  I did not feel good enough.  I also had a huge fear of rejection and persecution.  I was paralysed to move forward and share my gifts with the world for fear of being rejected or verbally attacked. I also accumulated a lot of limiting beliefs around money and spirituality. I was really conflicted because I had decided that money wasn’t important and if I was truly spiritual, I wouldn’t want money or need money. This left me paralysed to change my life.

I decided to ask for guidance about money.  As a channel and psychic I receive wonderful guidance and information from the Universe and my higher self when I ask questions.  It had never occurred to me to ask about money before!  So I sat in meditation asking The Universe “What is Money? Show me the truth about money.”  I was then given life changing information that has completely changed my life and my business.   I am now deeply passionate about helping heart centred business owners to take their finances and their business to the next level for the great impact that this creates in my clients lives and all the people they serve.

As a result of healing my money blocks and money mindset, I reached my first goal which was for my husband to be able to leave his job, follow his heart and start his own business.  My husband has always supported me to follow my heart and my dreams and now I am able to support him to do this same.  This was my first big milestone in my business that I am very proud of.  And it’s only the beginning!

In this video I share my personal journey from my personal struggle to becoming a healer.

Lara has been practicing as a Healer and Spiritual Coach since 2003.  In the same year Lara began running regular healing and meditation groups and has been teaching Healing Workshops since 2006. Lara has taught Energy Clearing Workshops with Triyoga, London.   The Divine Leadership Activation course, Lara’s first online group programme, was launched in September, 2015.  The Abundance Activation Course is her more recent group online programme.

Lara has appeared as special guest on the Upgrade Your Life Podcast with Maria K, the Receiving Rachael radio show with Rachael O’Brien, the I Am Well show with Annemieke, The Soul Sanctuary with Jackie Stewart, The Potency Package with Marina McQueen and Knowledge Nation with Jess Lewis.

Lara is an Inspirational Speaker on Abundance Activation,  Money Manifestation and the connection between our relationship with money and our soul’s purpose.

Lara works privately with clients on a one to one basis and with groups of students via talks, workshops and courses.

If you would like to speak to Lara about how she can help you take your finances and business to the next level, please email Lara to find out more mail@larawaldman.com

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