How To Manifest Money In Alignment With Your Soul’s Purpose

As a Healer, Channel and Spiritual Coach I have been consciously using Manifestation and The Law of Attraction for over 13 years.  I would like to share with you what is required to manifest what you want successfully while also being happy and fulfilled. For many years we have been hearing about The Law of […]

I’m Sorry

I wanted to say I am sorry.  I have been hiding a part of myself from you.  You see, I have this great purpose inside of me that has been longing to be shared for 20 years now.  I have been sharing more and more of this purpose with you over the years but it […]

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Working with Lara has been a life saver. I work with people all the time helping them to achieve better health and as a healer it is so important to feel I have someone supporting me. Lara was able to guide me to work more effectively, to live a more balanced life and to achieve my soul potential. When we feel supported in life, knowing someone has our backs, we can journey even deeper into life. I thoroughly recommend her work for everyone.

— Juliette, 37, Nutritionist and Healer, UK

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