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Choosing Happiness – let your light shine

Healer and Freedom coach, Lara Waldman, speaks about how seductive pain and suffering are and how to choose happiness. Would you like help moving out of pain and suffering? Lara is offering a limited number of FREE 60 minute phone sessions.  Book your free session with Lara now In this free phone or Skype session […]

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The Lie of Your Emotions

Healer and Freedom Coach, Lara Waldman, speaks about the lie of your emotions and what is truly going on beneath your emotions, reactions and triggers. When my clients first start working with me, they are often feeling stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, lost or depressed.  These challenges that they are facing are just the surface of what […]

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Moving Beyond Judgment

Healer and Freedom Coach, Lara Waldman, shares how to move beyond judgement. Being judged has been a very difficult challenge for me.  Some people don’t care what people think.  I was not one of these people.  I found the fear of being judged crippling.  This fear stopped me from truly being who I was in the […]

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