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Inner Child Healing Meditation

Lara Waldman, The Abundance Activator, guides your through a inner child healing meditation. Apply For A Free Activate Your Abundance Breakthrough Session With Lara In this FREE 60 minute phone or Skype session you will: Get crystal clear on your money goals Discover how this money goal is connected to your purpose Uncover how you are unconsciously […]

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How To Heal Yourself

In this video, Lara teaches you how to heal yourself by deep diving within. Sometimes life gets very intense.  The stress, anxiety and overwhelm can get too much.  Sometimes you just want to run and hide, or find anything possible to distract yourself from feeling.  This is normal.  This is your Ego part trying to […]

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Off centre? How to get into Alignment

Getting into alignment with yourself is a daily practice.  It’s not something that just magically happens.  Occasionally you may move into alignment naturally, but if you want to feel good on a regular basis, it’s going to take some commitment on your part. If you have been feeling off, down, depressed, stuck, anxious, worried, frustrated, […]

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