I’m Lara Waldman, The Abundance Activator


Think of me as your Abundance Midwife, here to guide and support you as you release, reprogram, and de-story the thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that block you from creating and receiving in your true wealth frequency.

Your true wealth frequency is who you are on the level of your heart and soul. It’s your innate worthiness, your true potential, and the abundance of unique gifts that only you have to offer.


It’s the unlimited possibility that already lives inside of you but so often has been forgotten. 


Like so many of us along the path of life, we get disconnected from the truth of who we are and unintentionally and subconsciously create pain, struggle, and delays in receiving what we say we want.


No matter whether you’re here because you want to open the taps to receiving more money, to create abundant financial overflow, peace in your relationship with your body, connected relationships or a lifestyle that you absolutely love – I can help. Because it’s all connected. 


Allow me to show you how to release the blocks and fears to playing big so you can manifest your business and life goals effortlessly.

Join my upcoming FREE 5-Day Online Wealth Retreat.  Starts Monday 15th – 19th May

We start Monday 15th - 19th May








Discover the feminine, energetically aligned approach to creating and receiving more on all levels

Compress your timeline and put an end to waiting for things to shift by transforming your thoughts, patterns & beliefs that block you from embodying your true wealth frequency today.

Save your spot by clicking below to get live coaching and transformational hotseats with me, for FREE, starting Monday 20th February – 24th

In this free 5-Day Living Abundance Retreat you’ll 


🔮 Transform Your Money Story by releasing the money blocks that keep you playing small, under earning and hiding your gifts so instead, you show up and shine.


🔮 Master Money Manifestation and call in the people, opportunities, money, love and FUN you desire and actually experience it land into your life (and bank account)


🔮 Embody Your Wealth Frequency so you can own your value, charge your worth and pay yourself generously without flinching.


🔮 Unleash Your Abundant Power by remembering who you truly are allowing your authentic, magnetic and naturally attractive raw power to rise and lead. 


🔮 Build your Business from Aligned Action by revealing the bold, focused action that will move your business forward in a successful and sustainable way

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