Are you someone who:

  • Is living your purpose but you are not hitting the financial goals you thought you would by now

  • Is destined to make big waves and shake up the world, but you thought you’d be so much closer to your big vision by now

  • Is a leader in the consciousness shift taking place on the planet, but you’re not fully owning the throne and taking a stand for your work and your worth.

  • Wants the freedom to create your life on your terms but you feel trapped and limited at times. 

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place and I’m delighted you are here because I want you to know all those things you desire are 100% possible.



Welcome beautiful heart, powerful Leader, I am so glad that you made it here. 

Here’s my heart message for you…


You can make good money being your full authentic self 


You can charge what you are worth


You can work with ideal clients, your Soul family


You can say no to ways of working that drain your energy


And as good as all of that sounds, and you feel this truth in your heart, this may not what you are consistently experiencing.

You might be:

  • Feeling frustrated because you’re not consistently hitting your income goals when you’re taking regular action  

  • Resisting the action that would make the biggest impact in your business right now

  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the things! There is so much to do to create a successful business and just one of you. 

  • Wanting to give up in moments – you never do, because you won’t give up the dream, but sometimes it’s just all too much. 

  • Needing to invest in more support, like a VA or a coach, but when you you look at your numbers you don’t know how to make that happen

  • You can often get stuck in fear, anxiety and self-doubt, especially when you are feeling alone in your business and life 

  • Your feelings of self-doubt, fear and overwhelm stops you from taking bold, focused, effective action 


I get it, I’ve been there, I know how painful and frustrating this is. 


I want to shed some light on this for you.  There is a deeper, unconscious issue that is running all of this.  

Take my hand and let’s dive in the shadows together. 

  • You are trying to fix someone else’s problem while avoiding your own

  • You are focusing on action that is NOT the best action for your business

  • You are working with people that are not a vibrational match to your gift

  • You are overgiving

  • Your pricing is not aligned with the transformation you offer

  • You shrink your message as it seems too weird, too out there and no one will get it

  • You fear rejection and judgement

  • Your vulnerable truth feels too much, too intense, too emotional, too needy

  • You are hiding your true self and diming your light

  • You don’t feel worthy, good enough or deserving of receiving 

  • Your unconscious wounding and limiting beliefs are messing with your business

  • You fear your power and your great light

Oh I know this so very well. I have spoken to hundreds of people who are struggling with the same thing. And the great news is that this doesn’t have to be your story anymore, you can turn this all around. And the results are extraordinary.

Let me show you how.

You are invited to join me and other powerful Leaders, conscious business owners, entrepreneurs and changemakers for a life-changing Live Event.

Living Abundance Live

Saturday November 7th, 2020

12pm-5pm GMT | 7am-12pm EST


Online from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s what you can look forward to: 


  • Get crystal clear on your vision – what is aligned for you to create at this time in your business and  life
  • Release the Abundance Blocks keeping away what you truly desire
  • Seal up your Abundance Leaks draining your energy, money, time and resources 
  • Activate your Purpose, Power and Prosperity
  • Embody your Wealth Frequency
  • Connect to your inner guidance system – let your abundant wisdom guide you in your life and business (not your fears and limited thinking)
  • Own The Throne – hold your true value so you can speak, write, share and show up from this place 
  • Get clear on what Aligned Action to take in your life and business – get focused on action that creates results

But that’s just the half of it…

Living Abundance Live will set you up with foundations for creating the life of your dreams.

A life of Freedom
Living your life on Purpose
Contributing to the lives of others
Feeling relaxed, joyful and in your flow
Connected to amazing people who love and value you for all that you are

Are you ready to say yes to creating a life of true Abundance?


Saturday, November 7th 2020

12pm – 5pm GMT

(7am-12pm EST)

Live Online Worldwide

Nothing brings me more pleasure than witnessing you claim your dreams, own who you are, courageously show up, share your vulnerable heart and take that bold aligned action. 

I am here to take a strong stand for you, activating your dreams and cheering you on as you say YES to yourself. 

You were never meant to do this alone, and now you don’t have to.

Come and join this incredible group of people and rise into your next level.

More about the Abundance Activator…


Lara Waldman is the author of “Money Manifestation Mastery”, she is an Abundant Business Mentor, Manifestation Expert and Healer for 18 years.  She supports conscious Leaders, heart-led business owners, Entrepreneurs and changemakers to expand into the next level of their impact, influence and income.  

Lara is passionate about helping set you free from the shackles of past programming, beliefs, ancestral trauma and wounding to activate you into your true power and abundant nature.

This is for you if you are saying yes to…


New levels of wealth

Vibrant health

Living your life on Purpose

Unlocking your heart aligned power

Trusting your heart and inner guidance

Supportive, Loving and uplifting relationships

A new level of impact

A world where everyone can thrive


Register here for just £97 to Own Your Worth and Your Wealth

I’d love to see you there!

November 7th 2020








Lara Waldman – Copyright © 2020

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