When I give healing sessions to clients, I get many beautiful messages from the Universe.  A message that comes to me again and again is that the Universe is just waiting to contribute to us all of the time.  In fact, the universe is contributing to us all of the time, every second of every day.  The main problem is that we cut off from this source and refuse to receive from it.

Imagine that there is a person who comes to your door with a huge gift.  This person is kind, smilingimages-1 and wants to give this gift to you.  You look at the person and slam the door in their face.  This person comes back day after day with many more gifts.  With a wide open heart, this person just wants to give to you, with no strings attached, and yet, you refuse to receive their gifts.  Our inability to receive the love and support of the universe is like slamming the door on a gift sent just for you.

How crazy is it that we refuse these gifts?  We refuse kindness, we refuse love, we refuse support, we refuse nurturing.   Often this leaves us feeling unloved, unsupported and alone.  Our hard wiring tells us that life is not safe, that life is tough and life is hard.  We experience lack and a feeling of separation from  people and the world around us.  But this is the lie that the majority of the world has bought into and it is simply not true, unless you believe it to be true, in which case it will be true, as you are the creator of your reality.  But I digress…

So why do we refuse the gifts from the universe?  Why would we refuse love? Support? Kindness? Happiness? Joy?  Money? Why would we do such a thing?  Well, there are many reasons why we refuse to receive.

Our first point of contact comes from our relationship with our parents or whoever cared for us.  As little beings, we watch how our primary carers function in the world and we mimic that.  We watch how they do life and we copy them.  Look at your parents, were they able to receive?  Were they open, loving and trusting?  What have you mimicked from them?

Most people carry a huge amount of baggage with them.  This baggage is ancient and comes from generations of experiences.  Each generation not only hands down their genetic DNA but also their emotional DNA.  We absorb and take on the experiences of our ancestors, good and bad.  So we mimic from our parents and we have within us the experiences of our ancestors hard wired in our body.

We are also influenced by the collective consciousness.  The thoughts, beliefs and ideas of the society that we live in; the country that you live in, the city you live in and the types of people that you grow up with,  all influence your belief systems, your relationship with life and ultimately how much you will allow yourself to receive.  What are the general mindsets and belief systems of the country that you live in and the circles that you move in?

imagesWhat Blocks Abundance? Here are just a few examples of belief systems that block us from receiving the flow of Abundance…

  • I Am Not Safe  This is the main barrier, from my point of view, that blocks us from abundance.  We create a huge amount of protection around us because we do not feel safe in the world.  This protection may have been created at a time in your life where you were physically not safe or felt emotionally unsafe.  This protection is energetic.   As a healer, I experience this protection as walls, spikes, shields, armour and sometimes the protection is like energetic soldiers or body guards!   This protection not only blocks out the ‘bad’ stuff but it also blocks out the ‘good’ stuff.  These barriers are protecting the vulnerable parts of yourself.  The fear is that if you open up, you risk being hurt physically and/or emotionally.
  • There is lack and separation  – on this planet, in our physical bodies we experience a very strong feeling of separation and lack.  But on the other levels of consciousness, separation and lack do not exist.  This really is one of the big illusions of reality on this planet.  The truth is that we are interconnected with everything.  Our belief of separation and lack make it very difficult to feel this onenesss and connection with all that is.  The experience of separation blocks us from receiving the flow of abundance.
  • I need to be in control – in order to fully receive the flow of abundance from the universe, we need to let go.  We need to surrender.  Most of us have learned to feel safe by creating an element of control in our lives.  Although this creates the feeling of safety and security, control creates great blocks and barriers.  We must surrender and let go in order to receive more.
  • Addictions – When we use drugs, alcohols, food, sex,  shopping etc in a way that is addictive or abusive to our bodies, this blocks us from the flow abundance.  Addictions are a way of managing our feelings and the intensity of our lives which blocks out life and the universe.  Blocking out life and the universe shuts out the flow of abundance.whether-you-think-you-can-or-think-you-cant-youre-right
  • Negative Thoughts and Emotions – negativity creates dark, heavy energy in and around the physical and energetic body.  It’s like a big dark rain cloud above your head.  This blocks the flow of abundance.  Your belief systems, thoughts and emotions create your reality.  What you think and feel, you create.  So watch those thoughts!

Step to becoming more Abundant – use these practices on a daily basis

  1. Ask the universe to gift you with all of the things that you would like to see show up in your life.  On an energetic level, the moment that you ask, it is there!  It just takes time for things to show up in our physical reality.  Make a list of what you would like to see show up in your life.  The most powerful of all is to focus on what you would like to feel i.e. peaceful, happy, energised, joyful, relaxed.
  2. Let Go of  all of your blocks and barriers to receiving.  Say to yourself ‘I let go of all of my blocks and barriers to receiving now’ or simply ‘barriers down, barriers down, barriers down’. You will need to keep holding this intention at least once a day.  Your work lies in getting out of your own way.  What you are asking for is there energetically, you just need to remove the obstacles to receiving it in your physical reality.  Be patient.
  3. Visualise all of the things that you have been asking for to flow from the universe into the top of your head (your crown chakra) and take this energy down into your body, filling every single cell in your body, right down to the tips of your toes.  Once your body is full with all that you have been asking for,  send that energy from your body into the earth and to all life around you.  You are then a flowing being of abundance!  As you receive from the universe, fill your body with this energy and then share it will the world around you.  Remember that this energy is infinite and can’t run out!  You just need to stop blocking it.
  4. Gratitude  – being in a state of gratitude opens you to the flow of abundance.  It’s like saying ‘thank you’Unknown to the universe for what already is in your life.  Humans have a tendency to focus on what is not working, which then just feeds what is not working in your life.  Create a daily practice of going through the things in your life that are working.  Bring up the feeling of gratitude for these things i.e. running water, food, shelter, clothes, job, friends etc. We tend to take for granted the things that are going well in our life.  Gratitude opens you up to receiving from the universe.

What are some of the stumbling blocks to abundance?

As you open up to the flow of abundance and open up to receiving more, you will feel more vulnerable.  This feeling of vulnerability can leave you feeling unsafe.  There is a tendency when feeling unsafe and vulnerable to go back into the old comfort zone of putting up blocks and barriers.  So when you notice your barriers and protection going up again, ask them gently to come down.

When you start opening up to receive more and the ‘good’ stuff that you have been asking for starts showing up, this too can leave you feeling out of control and out of your comfort zone.  Keep coming back to the practices of opening up to receive as you may notice a tendency to contract and go back into hiding when your life starts changing.

How long will it take to be more abundant?

How long is a piece of string?  Opening to the flow of abundance is a moment to moment, daily practice.  Keep busting through those walls of limitation and you will see amazing things start to show up in your life.

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