Getting into alignment with yourself is a daily practice.  It’s not something that just magically happens.  Occasionally you may move into alignment naturally, but if you want to feel good on a regular basis, it’s going to take some commitment on your part.

If you have been feeling off, down, depressed, stuck, anxious, worried, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, chaotic or emotionally reactive, you are not in alignment with yourself.  You have fallen off balance.  This is not an opportunity to be hard on yourself, this is simply a reminder that it’s time to make a change.  If you are not feeling good, you are not in alignment with yourself.

When you are in alignment with yourself you will feel:

  • peace of mind
  • positive
  • on purpose
  • clarity
  • calm
  • at ease with yourself
  • freedom/space

What can you do to get into alignment with yourself and start feeling better?

Lara’s favourite ways to get into Alignment (recommended daily)

  1. Get out in nature – hold the intention of getting into alignment with yourself when you are in nature.  Be mindful, present and open up to receive the free healing, balancing and aligning energies of mother nature.
  2. Move your body – yoga is an amazing way to get back into alignment physically, emotionally and energetically.  Dancing is another wonderful way.  How would your body like to move?  Listen to what feels right for you.  Before you begin, hold the intention of getting back into alignment with yourself.  Again, be mindful and present with yourself and your body when you are moving.
  3. Meditation  – a daily meditation practice will help you balance and release the thoughts, emotions and belief systems that keep throwing you off centre.  Meditation is a practice to learn how to be with yourself in the present moment, release and let go.  This helps you to press reset on your busy mind and start the day afresh.   I personally sit in meditation until I feel myself move back into alignment.  Sometimes it takes a while!  For help with meditation, sign up for my free meditation e-course , “4 Weeks to Free Your Mind”.

Making positive change in your life is about starting with the choice to make change.  You have to choose it in order for change to happen.  Make the choice to change and then be willing to take whatever action is required to make that change.

Remember that you are fully supported by the universe, source energy, in every moment of every day.  You are not alone.  You never have been and you never will be.  Open up to receive!

If you would like any help with getting into alignment with yourself, please feel free to contact Lara directly or call 0207 503 3356/07813 568 069

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