This week I took a whole day off to celebrate me.  This is now officially called ‘Celebrate Me Day’ and I plan to have these days at least twice a year.  On Celebrate Me Day I got up really early to go dancing.  After 3 hours of moving my body I then booked myself into this lovely spa and treated myself to a massage.   What a day!  I was so relaxed after I could hardly move.

I used this time to have a deep check in with myself.   Earlier, as I sat in the spa, I noticed that my mind wasn’t relaxing.   I sat with this asking my body and mind to let go, but my mind was clinging on.  There was resistance there.  From working with many, many busy minds over the years, including my own, I know that there is a deeper reason for this.   I have noticed that by keeping our minds busy, we can avoid connecting with ourselves and with what is truly going on.  So I started asking myself  ‘What am I resisting? What would it take to let go? What am I refusing here?’  I saw that I had been resisting connecting to a deeper part of me.  There was a new level of consciousness that was ready to be birthed, another level of my Higher Self.

What is the Higher Self?

shutterstock_172357283The Higher Self is also known as your infinite being or the Soul.  The higher self is what I refer to as the all seeing, all knowing part of you.  This part of you is completely unique.  There is no one else like you in the entire universe!   The Higher Self is connected to all that is, the universe, source, oneness.   It has a 360 degree perspective on all of life.  This part of you is infinite (a concept which is quite hard for our mind to grasp).  At this moment in time, your Higher Self (or at least part of it) has chosen to come in to have a physical experience on this planet.  Your body is the vehicle for your soul, your body is the way that your Higher Self gets to experience physical existence.

Why is it important to connect to your Higher Self?

When you are working together with your higher self, when you are consciously connecting with it and allowing this part of you to flow through you, this creates many positive effects.  Ultimately it is a feeling of coming home.  When you fully integrate your higher self into your body and into your life, you feel in the flow with your life, you feel on purpose with your life.  You are connected with your intuition and you feel happier and more at peace.  Your Higher Self can then guide you through your life.  I call this ‘co-creating with the universe’.  Life flows so much better from this place.

What happens when you are disconnected from your Higher Self?

It is not actually possible to be disconnected completely from your Higher Self, but most of us have shut down from it.  We try to ignore it and shut it out. When we are disconnected from our Higher Self we are being run mainly by our personality self, our ego, our emotions, family patterning, collective consciousness and societal pressures.  Most people on this planet live life from this shut down place.  Being run by our ego leads to all sorts of problems and creates great disharmony in our mind, body and emotions.

How do you connect to your Higher Self?

There are many ways to consciously connect with your higher self.  I personally recommend a daily practice to get into the flow.  Here are some ideas…

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Intention – repeat this daily “I call on all of me to be here now in this body, on this planet. I commit to my life now.”
  • Healing with Lara – integration with your High Self is one of the important components of my healing sessions.  We clear out everything that is getting in the way of you showing up fully in your body and make space for you to come back home to you.

Earlier this week I was being asked to welcome in a new aspect of myself.  This is a deepening of my connection with me!  The resistance is the ego fighting this process.  The ego is protecting us against the unknown and fights against change.  With daily practice and intentions, we can calm the ego down and make space for more of who we truly are to show up.

You showing up as you truly are, you sharing your incredible gifts with humanity and mother earth, is one of the greatest things that you can do in your life.  What a contribution you are when you share the fullness of who you are with all life around you!  Thank you for showing up.

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