Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to move forward?  Have you wondered why you get stuck and can’t seem to make things happen for you in the way that your heart is asking for?

Most people are not fully in their life.  Essentially, most people are like walking, talking heads.  All the activity is in the mind and they are shut off from the rest of their body.  I go on and on about the importance of grounding and connecting to the body, and here’s why.  Trying to do life while not fully in your body is like trying to drive a car from the passengers seat.  To get from point A to point B in a car, you must get behind the wheel, turn on the ignition and put your foot on the gas.  We all know this.  Obvious, right?  Well, it’s a similar thing if you look at your life.  How are you supposed to move from point A to point B in your life, if you are not fully in it, if you are disconnected from your body?  It’s not impossible but it’s makes for a very difficult and challenging journey.  You must get into your body, into the drivers seat of your life, if you want to move forward with your life.

Why we stay hidden and disconnected

When we are here, fully present in our bodies, it can be intense!  We feel everything.  At a very young age, we learned to disconnect from the pain of our family, friends and the world.  It was too much!  The problem is that disconnecting from life to avoid pain creates a whole other level of pain.  Here are some of the things that staying hidden and disconnected can create:

  • low energy
  • depression
  • lack of clarity
  • confusion
  • hopelessness
  • fear/anxiety/panic attacks
  • anger/resentment/frustration
  • isolation/loneliness

It’s time

It’s time to commit to your life.  It’s time to get all in.  What’s the point otherwise?  Why are we here if it’s not to live life to the fullest?  Would you be willing to take a risk?  To see what happens if you make a commitment to your life?

But its scary!

I know, I know, I have been there.  In fact, I still get really intense feelings of discomfort!  Life is not about feeling all nice and cozy and comfortable all of the time, it’s about diving in, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, pushing through the discomfort in order to experience life to the fullest.  Enjoy the comforts but just don’t get stuck there.

It feels amazing!

Our fear is a tricky business.  It feels oh so very real, but it’s not.  It’s just a sensation in the body.  Once you push through the fear barrier and get on the other side, it feels amazing!  Here are some of the benefits of committing to your life:

  • increased energy
  • creativity
  • purpose
  • clarity
  • joy
  • excitement
  • space
  • freedom
  • abundance
  • peace of mind

Take a risk

I am going to invite you to take a risk.  To see what happens when you commit to your life.  Why not?!   You are here aren’t you?  In a body, on this planet?  Wouldn’t you like to unlock and discover your hidden potential and see what else is possible for your life?

How to commit to your life

It’s way too easy, so easy you might even ignore this all together.  But, this process is hugely powerful, so don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it.

  1. Make a Demand of Yourself – make the decision that it’s time to commit to your life.  You, and only you, have the power to make the decision to change your life
  2. Make this Intention Daily – Every day, a few times a day, declare, “I commit to my life NOW”.  “I ask for all of me to be here now, in this body, on this planet”.
  3. Be with the Feelings – Observe what comes up.  Notice your thoughts and feelings when you do this.  These are the emotions and belief systems that have been keeping you disconnected and hidden.  Remember that these are just feelings, just energy, stop buying into them as real.  Sit in meditation, stay with the feelings.  This too will pass.  You may also wish to try journaling what comes up for you.
  4. Open to Receive – now that you have set your intention and made a demand of your self to commit to your life, the universe has heard this and will begin to support this process.  Open up to receive all of the support that is coming to you now, seen and unseen.

Your are a gift

You committing to your life and committing to being here is not just for you.  You showing up is a gift for all of life;  Mother Earth, all of humanity and the universe.  Yes you!  You, showing up, committing to your life and sharing who you are is the greatest gift you could ever give.  You get to feel amazing in your life and you gift everyone around your with your essence, your energy, your presence as you move through life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here.

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