In this week’s Vlog, Healer and Freedom Coach, Lara Waldman, speaks on self destructive patterns and how to change them.  Watch now to find out more.

When I was younger I was very self destructive.  I used drugs, alcohol, sex and food, whatever possible to avoid feeling.  I was destroying myself and I felt terrible emotionally, mentally and physically.

In this video I share why we have these self destructive patterns and how to begin changing them.  Watch now to start changing your life for the better.

If you need any help with your self destructive tendencies, then please apply below for a free phone session with me or you can email me directly 

I am here to support you.

Lara x

Meditation Made Easy

Find out how even the busiest minds can meditate!  This is for you if you have tried meditation but can’t seem to ‘do it right’ or if you are meditating but finding it hard to establish a regular meditation practice.  Sign up for this Free support with Meditation Made Easy.

Free Session with Lara

Are you looking for extra support with your self destructive patterns?  Are you ready to get support to start changing these destructive habits?  Lara is here to support you.  She is offering a limited number of spaces for free sessions this month to viewers of her Vlog.  Click here to apply for your 1:1 phone or Skype session with Lara.  The support you need is here for you now.