My Money Story

I  sat there looking at the blue line on the pregnancy test – pregnant!

It wasn’t that I didn’t want a second baby, I love being a mother and a wife, it’s just that it was hard enough to make ends meet with just the three of us.

I felt stuck, trapped and suffocated about money! 

I knew we didn’t have enough money – Our financial situation felt impossible – How would we manage with another baby?

In that moment I was finding it hard to breath. Why was it always such a struggle when it came to money? 

I had always followed a spiritual path and believed that money should not be important, yet I knew I was meant for bigger things and lack of money was holding me back.

A few days later I was hanging out another load of never ending laundry – lots and lots of tiny little baby socks – And a wave of hopelessness hit me. The house was a mess and I was exhausted.

I thought to myself “Is this it – Isn’t there more to life?”

I was grateful for everything I had but deep down I wanted so much more, I wanted to BE so much more, and I felt conflicted about that!

The hard truth of it was simply that we needed more money and I had no clue how to go about getting more.

Depression engulfed me and I began to cry…

How Do You Feel About Money?


Can you relate to my story?

Perhaps you also feel stuck, frustrated, confused, conflicted, angry and upset about money. 

Do you struggle in the area of money and find that somehow there is ‘never enough’?

Or are you someone who has the belief, conscious or not, ‘it’s not spiritual to have money’, as I did.

You may find yourself wrestling with your beliefs about money, swinging between ‘It’s not important’ and ‘There is never enough, why is money so hard?’

I would be willing to bet that you are a spiritual person. Someone who cares deeply and has an important purpose here on this planet.

Yet deep down you feel like you are not living your purpose, and it’s due to lack of money and struggle around money.

Don’t worry though! I have been where you are and I found a way to turn it around… 

The Beliefs That Hold Us Back…

Money is an amplifier – It reflects on the outside whatever is going on on the inside. 

This can be a hard truth to accept – I know it was for me. Yet until we accept it we are powerless to change our relationship to money and to heal our money stories.

I meet so many people – Healers, Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Artists and Visionaries – Who have the biggest hearts and important messages to share, and they are in ‘hiding’.

They’ve built up walls to protect themselves from the barrage of energy, emotions and pain that sensitive, intuitive people experience daily.

I know this because I am one of these people too! 

It’s not something we do consciously, it’s just a way to cope in a material world that is a little harsher then we expected!

We’ve been conditioned and hold beliefs such as ‘money is hard’, ‘You have to work hard for money’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘it’s not for me’ or my favourite ‘money isn’t spiritual. 

The cells in our bodies hold onto these beliefs even when we’ve worked on them, and they may not even be our own beliefs. 

Between the walls, we put up to protect ourselves and the conditioned beliefs, we also close down to receiving money. We shut down our feminine, receiving energies. It acts like a barricade and blocks the flow of money into our lives. 

That is why we struggle so much with money until we learn how to heal this aspect of our lives. 

Money is just energy, nothing more. It’s a tool – A vehicle to live your purpose

Money Isn’t The Real Problem!


You see back then I had secret desires. I didn’t want much but I did want to be able to afford things like:


Organic fresh food to feed my family

Some support with childcare

To take my family on amazing holidays

To have enough money to contribute in a bigger way in the world – Enough money to live my true purpose

A home by the sea

No doubt you have desires of your own. 

The trouble was that while I wanted these things, I also had great difficulty in letting them in!

I was always a bit of a tomboy when I was younger. In my family I was known as the ‘sporty’ one and I’d built up quite a tough exterior. In doing so though I had shut down my vulnerability and with it parts of my feminine energy and ability to receive.

In truth it just didn’t feel safe to let anything in – Love, energy, money… and I had to heal that first. 

I had to practice opening up and letting all that love, energy and abundance in. I’ll be honest, it felt terrifying at times, however it has been worth it!

Once I’d healed my relationship to money and was able to receive the abundance that was waiting for me, my whole life changed!

Finally the struggle fell away and I was able to live the life I am meant for.


How I Finally Healed My Money Story


I spent years studying wealth, money and fulfilment – The mindset, emotions, energy and the practical side of it.

I took lots of courses on the subject of money and worked with mentors, alongside running my healing practice. 

One year I successfully manifested £33,000, and while that was a HUGE achievement, I’ve come to realise that it’s about more than occasional grand manifestations –

We need to create a healthy relationship with money so that it can be there to sustain and support us all of the time! 

After I had healed my own relationship to money it made sense for me to start helping others to do the same.

I was able to combine my intuitive gifts and my ability to read energy, with everything I’d learned over the years about money and it began making a real difference in my client’s lives.

As my bank balance grew so did theirs.

Not only did their wealth increase, but their fulfilment and enjoyment of life did too. That is the real reward for me.

Client after client did the inner work to come out of hiding, transform those limiting money beliefs and heal their relationship to money.

They began to feel safe enough to open up to all the abundance that was meant for them – to allow money in! 

That is what I would like for you too, if you’d like it for yourself.

If you are reading this page then it’s likely that it’s your time to heal your money story once and for all. 

When You Read This Book You Will:

Transform your relationship to money – So that you can experience the awesome abundance that is meant for you.

Heal your money story once and for all – No more struggling around money.

Become a powerful Money Manifestor – You’ll be supported to do the inner work so that you can manifest what you desire in your life easily.

Tap into your feminine energy and learn how to receive – Often, when we are having difficulty with money, we are out of tune with our feminine energy. This book will show you how to bring it back into balance.

Remove the blocks that have held you back before – Find out how to position yourself energetically to become unstoppable!

Design your life – To bring you maximum fulfilment and pleasure, as well as money.

Discover the secrets of manifesting – There is an art to manifesting you can learn it. That is what you will discover in this book.

Be a part of the greater healing that this planet needs – When we heal our money issues individually, we collectively heal the planet too. Now more than ever our world needs to bring the feminine energies back into balance.

Learn How to Become a Money Manifestor

In this book you will receive:

The 5 steps to abundance activation

The true purpose of money manifestation

How to manifest money in alignment with your soul’s purpose

The connection between money and your true power

The connection between money and self love 

Time Limited Bonuses

Order the book now and receive these juicy bonuses absolutely free! 

Bonus 1 – Get access to home based exercises to support you in transforming your relationship to money. You will get hours of additional bonus materials, designed to give you the ability to change your money patterns and become a fulfilled, wealthy Master Money Manifestor.

Bonus 2 – Access to free guided meditations to help you relax and transform the limiting beliefs that are blocking you.

Bonus 3 – Join our Abundance Activation private Facebook group. Here you will find fellow Master Money Manifestors and people on the same journey as you. You can get support, ask your questions and be part of this supportive, high vibe community!


“Money is an amplifier – It reflects what is happening on the inside, outside”

It’s Your Time!


Some of my clients have told me that NOT dealing with the issue of money in their lives has felt like DEATH!

This may sounds dramatic, however on some level I believe it’s true.

I believe that we are either growing and expanding or shrinking and dying.

Not living a life on purpose, not sharing your gifts with the world, not having the money you need to support you to live your soul’s purpose – That is shrinking and dying. 

Some of the ways this can manifest physically in our lives is through poor health – Both emotional and physical, disease, low energy, mental and physical exhaustion, poor relationships and a poor quality of life.

I have known people to develop chronic fatigue and other serious illnesses, even having suicidal thoughts, when they do not listen to their inner wisdom.

This is not how we are supposed to live, and I take a stand for you to have more – For us ALL to have more. 

I believe that as a species we have reached a time on our planet when we are greatly in need of healing.

It’s time for the masculine and feminine energies to unite and become balanced – For the feminine, which carries our deepest wisdom and intuition, to rise up and claim her place in the world.

For the first time in many hundreds of years I believe it is safe for us to do this now. It’s our time. 

That is why I created the Money Manifestation Mastery book. It’s time to heal our money wounds. It’s time to heal our planet. 

How Would It Feel To …

 Never worry about money again. 

Manifest an abundance of money whenever you need it. 

Transform your relationship with money to one that feels healthy and full of ease. 

 Have money supporting you to live on purpose, create your best life and help others. 

 Be part of the healing of our planet and money. 


It starts with you, and I’m here for you!


Love Lara. X

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