What is energy clearing and how can it help you in your life?  Watch Lara’s short video to find out.

What is Energy Clearing?

Did you know that you have the capacity to take on other peoples’ thoughts, emotions and belief systems?  You are like a big energy sponge which soaks up all sorts of negative and heavy energy.  We are way more aware then we realise!

It seems to me as though kind, caring and sensitive people are more susceptible to taking on other people’s energetic junk than others.  When we watch people that we care about struggling in life, this is one way that you can try to lift the burden from them, by taking their ‘stuff’ on into your own physical and energetic body.  Not your best choice!

The thing is, we have not been taught about this.   Most people do not even realise this is going on!  My intention is to bring your awareness to these energy exchanges and share with you easy ways to clear it.

What happens when you take on other peoples’ energy?

When we take on other peoples’ energy there are all sorts of negative symptoms that we can experience.  Here are some of them:

  • low energy
  • exhaustion
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • overwhelm
  • imbalanced emotions
  • negative thoughts
  • feeling stuck

What are the benefits of Energy Clearing?

From my point of view energy clearing is vital for our wellbeing.  I recommend making it a part of your daily routine like washing your body and brushing your teeth.

Regular energy clearing helps with:

  • emotional balance
  • peace of mind
  • clarity
  • increased energy
  • focus

How do you clear energy?

There are many, many ways to clear negative, heavy energy from your mind and body.  Here are some simple ways that you can clear your energy right away:

*Important! Hold the intention to let go of anything that doesn’t belong to you.  Make the choice to let it go.

3 ways that you can clear your energy right away:

  1. Get out in nature
  2. Walk bare feet on the earth
  3. Exercise

Lara’s Energy Clearing Workshop

I would like to share my easy-to-use energy clearing techniques with you that you can use anytime, anywhere.  It is not always possible to get out in nature or exercise!  In this upcoming workshop, I will be teaching you energy clearing techniques that are very effect and no one even needs to know that you are doing it!  You can even do them on public transport.

In this workshop I will be diving deeper into how we take on the energy of our environment and how this affects us.  You will be taken through a guided meditation and visualisation which will clear your energy field.  This will be done lying down or sitting in a chair, whatever is more comfortable for you.  You will be given energy clearing techniques which you can take home with you and use right away.

Would you like to join this workshop to learn more about energy clearing?

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Sunday July 19th 2015


Triyoga Chelsea


Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Happy Clearing!

Lara x

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