Healer and Freedom Coach, Lara Waldman, speaks on Entities.  What are these energetic parasite and how to clear them.

Do you ever have dark, negative thoughts?  Do you have a lot of negative self talk?  Do you find yourself drawn to things that you know are not good for you?  If you do, you may have entities.  In this video I speak about entities, publicly, for the first time.  Get ready for a new perspective!

Most people that I first start working with have entities.  One of the first things that I do when I start working with clients is clear out these energetic parasites.  They can be a real nuisance, effecting how you think and feel.  Entities can keep you tied to unhealthy thoughts and belief systems as well as negative behaviour such as overeating, drinking too much, drugs, negative sexual experiences or staying in negative relationships.

In this video, discover what Entities are and why it’s important to clear these energetic parasites in order to help you feel better and make healthier choices in your life.

This is quite a big and different subject, so please do contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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