medium_6116884557As I am always giving healing sessions I sometimes forget what it’s like to receive a healing session.  They are quite different experiences.  I have just received the most amazing healing session from my dear friend and I am reminded just how important it is to receive.  Yes, even us healers need healing!  Note to self, remember to receive even more!

When I am giving people healing I enter an incredible space of total allowance, acceptance and unconditional love for the person lying on the table.  But even more important perhaps is being on the receiving end of this.  Lying on the healing couch, all snuggly with a blanket over me, I was completely held in a space of unconditional love and support.  My whole body vibrated.  In some moments it was quite intense (in the best possible way) as I opened my body to this level of receiving and this experience of acceptance.  My body jolted and jerked as I allowed more and more of myself to show up.  In the space of receiving healing, I was fully held and fully accepted for all that I am.  In this space,  more and more of who we are can feel ‘safe’ enough to turn up.

Before receiving healing for the first time, over 12 years ago now,  I had never had this experience of being accepted fully for who I am.  When are we fully accepted for who we are?  The good, the bad and the ugly?  It’s more like, ‘I will love you when you behave in a particular way, when you are nice and kind, sweet and gentle, doing the ‘right’ thing’.  So of course we don’t feel safe turning up as who we really are.  We have been told who we are is not allowed and even worse, who we are is unloveable.  I always felt the most relaxed and happy around animals and nature, as there is no judgement, and in these moments, all of me is welcome.

So lying on the healing table, receiving this beautiful session, reminded me, once again, how important it is to receive and how important it is to be received.  All of me, the fullness of who I am, turning up, as I am, held in this place of total acceptance.  How does it get even better than this?!  Happy body, happy me.Image

This is a photo of me giving healing to my beautiful cousin