What happens when you have a gazillion things to do?  Have you noticed that your mind goes crazy with swirling, whirling thoughts?  Does the overwhelm send you into a panic?  Do you have anxiety dreams?  Trouble sleeping?shutterstock_198987074

I recently went through an experience like this.  I have a lot of exciting new projects on which require my time and attention and new ideas which are demanding to be created.  I love this creative energy, I find it very exhilarating, but I have noticed that my mind goes into crazy overdrive, spinning wildly.  I feel that I can’t move fast enough, impatient to manifest the vision in my mind.  This can leave me feeling stuck, paralysed, frustrated and unclear how to move forward.

I finally remembered (yes, I teach this stuff and have to remind myself at times!) that what I needed to do was stop and get out of my head.  Although I had a lot to do, I decided to lie down on my sofa and stop.  My mind had spun out of control, so I needed to get some perspective by reconnecting to myself.

As I lay there, my mind kept going but eventually it began to slow down.  I even drifted off for a few minutes.  After a half an hour or so, I came out of it relaxed and had a whole new perspective on my big ‘to do’ list.  Suddenly all of those very important, life or death tasks didn’t seem quite so important.  I focused on the things that needed doing most urgently and easily got through them feeling peaceful about not finishing everything that day.  I could finally see the wood for the trees!

It’s funny how we make things in our life so incredibly important that are not necessarily as important as we make them.  As my mum used to say “We are not saving lives here!”  But we love a bit of drama.  In fact, most of us are addicted to it!  If there is not enough going on, we literally create shit for ourselves.  What fun, NOT!

It’s amazing to me how we fight stopping.  We are trained to keep going and pushing on no matter what.  What if taking time out to stop would create greater results for your work and creations?

We keep going, soldiering on,  in order to avoid what we are truly feeling.  It’s an effective coping strategy, for a while, but it has it’s costs to our emotional, mental and physical health over time.  In order to keep balanced in mind, body and emotions we must take time out, to stop and Be.   Taking time out gives your mind and body a rest as well as giving you a fresh start and new perspective.  Now I am not talking about sitting in front of the T.V. drinking alcohol!  I am talking about lying down and closing your eyes, sitting by a tree,  meditating or doing yoga.  Something nurturing and restorative.

So if things get hectic, if your mind gets foggy, if there is too much going on in your world, how might things change if you took 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes out?  Get out of your head and into your body.  Life tends to flow much better from that place.  From my point of view, our busy brains actually get in the way and stop us from tapping into our creating flow, our inner guidance and the support from the universe.

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