Lara Waldman, healer and manifestation coach, speaks on getting grounded.  What is grounding? Why is it important? How can being grounded change your life and the planet?  Lara explains in this video blog.

What is grounding?

Grounding is when you are energetically present in your body and energetically connected to the earth.  When you are grounded, you are present in your body and present in the moment.  You are here!  Not off in lala land somewhere.

We live in a very ungrounded, disconnected society.  We check out in many ways with alcohol, drugs, over eating, sexual obsession, phones, computers, T.V. just to name a few.  There are many ways to disconnect.

Lala land is where I spent most of my time as a child.  I was incredibly ungrounded!  I used to bump into things, sleep walk, I twisted my ankle a lot, I daydreamed constantly.  I was off on another plane.

Why do we disconnect? 

One of the main reasons we disconnect and check out is to avoid feeling.  When we are present, we feel everything, we are aware of our surroundings.  This can be quite intense.  One way to deal with the intensity of life, family troubles, life in the city, emotional pain, is to check out.  This takes us out of the intensity or the pain of the moment.

Why is grounding important?

Why are we here on this planet, in this body if we are not to experience the fullness of life?  Being present in your body allows you to experience the joy of living, the joy of embodiment, the joy of life.

Being present allows you to be with what is really going on.  When we are present with what is really going on then there is the opportunity to transform, change and heal what is not longer working.  Do you think that we would still abuse our body and the earth if we were fully present to what is happening?

When you are fully grounded and present you are connected to the essence of who you are.  This energy is a gift to everything you touch, to everyone you come into contact with, to all life around you and to the planet.

When you are fully grounded you gift your energy, the essence of who you truly are to mother earth.  She can then use this energy to heal and transform.  All you have to do is show up! This is being the gift that you are. This is one of the ways that we can create change on this planet.

Watch Lara’s video on connecting to the earth here

One of the added bonuses of being grounded is that your mind will naturally slow down when you are fully present in your body.  If you have a crazy busy mind, you are not grounded!

Your mind will be naturally more peaceful when you are grounded.  You are more yourself when you are grounded.  You move in the world feeling connected to your authenticity, your creativity, your power, your strength, your heart, to who you truly are.  This feels good!

How do you get grounded?

It is a work in progress my friend.  I still have to work on grounding every day!  I am not a naturally grounded person.  All that you need to do is to choose to get grounded and then use some simple grounding tools on a daily basis.  Practice, practice, practice.

4 steps to getting more grounded:

1. Get out in nature – barefeet is ideal.  Receive the energy from the earth.  Sit by a tree, swim in the sea, lie on the grass, walk in the woods, smell a flower.  Nature is naturally grounding and healing.

2.  Meditate – sit in meditation until your mind slows down.  Need help meditating? Click here for Lara’s free meditation e-course ‘4 Weeks to Free Your Mind’

3. Will yourself present – ask for all parts of you to come into your body to become whole again.  I do this as part of my meditation practice.  I call on all fragmented parts of me to come into my body.

4.  Come back to the moment – throughout the day invite yourself back into the present whenever you remember to.  This will be most of the time, especially in the beginning.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help with this.

Happy Grounding!  The world is so lucky to have you show up and be here.

Lara x

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