This week I would like to share with you a wonderful tool for healing your past.  Introducing your Inner Child!  Your Inner Child is a part of  you that has always been with you.  You were once a child, of course, and then as you grew up, you took part of that child with you.  When in balance, your inner child is in a state of joy, play, lightness, freedom, simply being and enjoying life.  But if you experienced any pain, trauma or upset as a child, that is unresolved from that time, this old pain can get stuck and stay with you into your adult life.  This is one of the reasons why you can have very irrational reactions that feel childlike and beyond the rational adult you.  Your reaction is an old wound that gets triggered off in these moments.

I discovered Inner Child work while working with clients years ago.  When I give healing I am often shown all sorts of amazing things.  In my minds eye, I see these film-like scenes where I watch many different things that are going on for my client  (I will speak more about these psychic abilities in a future blog).  If Inner Child work is what my client needs to look at in their session, what tends to happen is that while giving a healing session,  I will suddenly see a scene involving a child.  The child is usually upset in some way.  This child often feeling scared, alone, unloved, unseen or uncared for.  When I first see the child, I observe what is going on for a while until I get a clear sense of what is happening for the child.  I will then start to speak to the child in my mind.  This is called Telepathic communication.  The child often can’t articulate what it is feeling but I am shown and can feel what the child is experiencing.  I then start to ask the child what it needs, what it would like.  I ask what is required to help the child shift this pain.  Again, the answer doesn’t come in words but I can feel what is required.  Often the child wants to feel supported in some way.  So in my mind’s eye, I may stand beside the child, put my hand on it’s back, hold it’s hand, or even give it a cuddle.  In essence we are flooding the child energetically with everything that it desired or needed at that point in time when the pain or trauma originated.   Ultimately this child is longing for unconditional love, the feeling of support and safety, of being held and seen, of deep connection.

Let’s face it, most human beings on this planet have wounding from their childhood.  Some people have been through very difficult experiences.  But we do not have to be the victims of our past.  What I see, what I have been shown and what I have experienced time and time again, is that it is absolutely possible to heal our past.  This is a journey of course and not a quick fix, but working with your inner child, taking care of this part of you, is a very powerful  step to setting yourself free from your past.

1923440_7598815529_1095_nHealing your past frees you up to start enjoying your present life more and allows you to create a future that your heart and soul are asking for.

A balanced inner child is the expression of play, joy, freedom, self expression, being in the moment, being your true authentic self.  This part of you is still with you in your adult body.  You inner child will always need attention in some way or another.  What we want to do is free that part of you from the old pain and trauma so that child is no longer trapped or paralysed in the past.  Then your Inner Child can start enjoying the present and be free!


Here are some tools that you can do on your own:

Inner Child Exercises

  • Pillow Exersise -Take a pillow.  This pillow will represent your inner child.  Before you begin, hold the intention that you will now be working with your Inner Child.  With this exercise, you are making space for this part of you.  Take the pillow and hold it.  Give that pillow, your inner child, everything that little you needed that you didn’t get when you were young.  Shower that pillow with love and support.  Listen and hear what your inner child has to say.  Are there words? Feelings? Does your inner child have something to tell you? Hold the space for that part of you.  Allow any feelings that come up to be there.  Allow time for this exercise as it may take time to drop into it.
  • Journal – take a pen and paper and hold the intention to connect with your Inner Child.  Start asking your inner child questions.  How are you feeling?  What’s going on for you?  Then free write everything that comes into your mind.  Ask the child what it wants, what it craves, what it is looking for.  Hold the space for this part of you.  Simply listening and giving space to this part of you allows things to move and change.  How can you give those things to your Inner child?  Your Inner Child knows what it wants and needs, you just have to listen.
  • Ideal Parent – I invite you to become the ideal parent for yourself.  Your ideal mother and father.  Your parents are what they are and they did what they did, you can’t change that.  What you can do is give to yourself what you still crave.  What can you do for you, receive for you, that will give you what you are longing for?

Healing your past, as well as your inner child, is a journey.  It’s a work in progress.  Be kind and gentle with yourself on this journey.  Please make sure that you receive all of the support that you need.  You were never meant to do this alone.

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