After the resent events in Paris I had a number of emails from people asking me what they can do in these challenging times.  There were many people who really wanted to help and make a difference but they didn’t know what to do.

I would like to share with you some of the insights that I received during these times and how you can make a huge difference to the world any time, any day, anywhere. It’s way more simple than you may realise!

So what can you do to help?

One thing that I know from many years of healing work is that we as humans are way more powerful than we realise.  You are way more powerful than you realise.  We have the ability to contribute to positive change on this planet in ways that may not even seem like it does anything.

When shocking events take place, it’s very easy to go into a reaction of fear, despair, anger or feelings of hopelessness.  And it’s OK to feel whatever emotions come up for you, it’s important to honour these feelings but just don’t get stuck there.   It’s time to activate your power for positive change!

Collective Consciousness

We are greatly effected by the energies around us, the energies of the collective consciousness and the energies of the earth.  You can feel it all whether you realise it consciously or not.  A lot of people really struggled with the events that took place in Paris for example as they felt the deep emotions that the collective, and individuals, were experiencing.  There was so much pain, shock, fear, anger, sadness and despair.

Radical Change

I am not suggesting that you deny your feelings.  Quite the opposite.  It’s important to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.  But it’s also worth asking, when you are struggling with an emotion or feeling, “is what I am feeling mine?”  Or  “am I tapping into the collective consciousness here?”  More times than not, what you are feeling is not even yours.  Your job then is to lift yourself out of the pain pool and start changing your vibration.

One really powerful approach is to clear your energy field of all the pain you are perceiving around you.  You can watch my youtube video here to find out how to clear other people’s pain and the pain from the collective consciousness from your energy field.

How To Be The Difference

You become the difference on this planet, and contribute to positive change by taking the reins of your life and your emotions.  By moving out of victim consciousness and getting into the drivers seat of your life.  As you shift your inner world, you shift the outer world.  As within, so without.

Light VS Dark

The light is always more powerful than the dark.  As you shift your energy, your state, into a higher vibration (light), you contribute to shifting the lower vibrational energies on this planet.  Even in the darkest room, one tiny flame brings light in and darkness no longer exists.

Here are some examples of Low Vibrational Energies

  • Fear
  • Violence
  • Control
  • Negativity
  • Hopelessness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Mistrust
  • Dominance
  • Superiority
  • Inferiority

Here are some examples of High Vibrational Energies:

  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Freedom
  • Expansion
  • Positivity
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Faith

…just to name a few.

As you allow yourself to get pulled into the fear, you get pulled into the lower vibrational frequencies or lower vibrational levels of consciousness.  You get sucked into the swamp of pain and misery.  It is very hard to gain perspective or feel anything positive in this place.  In my opinion, this hell on earth.

As the world has been in pain and despair since the Paris event, I have moved into a space of asking questions to the universe and my inner guidance ‘What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be now?”  ‘What is required here? What can I contribute here?’   Do you know what I got as an answer?  The information that came to me was ‘Become the energy of Joy, be the vibration of Joy, Love, Positivity, Freedom and Possibility.  Enjoy life and celebrate life.’ 

It felt a bit uncomfortable for me to choose joy when everyone was suffering.  It seemed like the ‘wrong’ response, or an inappropriate response.  We are taught what responses are appropriate or not.  For example, during 2 funerals that I went to in the past years, I found myself feeling these amazing moments of joy and happiness, as well as being moved deeply to tears by the grief around me.  I feel the funeral is an opportunity to celebrate life as well as a time to grieve.  But there is this conditioning that to be joyful at a funeral is not appropriate, so I just internalised that and kept the joy and magic that I was feeling to myself.

The same feeling came up for me again with the Paris event.  I felt all of the pain, fear, shock and sadness and yet my inner guidance was telling me to be Joy.  “Celebrate life, beam out the greatest energies of love and joy that you can.” my guidance said to me. “This is what creates positive change!”

Don’t let these shadowy energies bring you down, this is what they are designed to do.  People in fear are much easier to control then people in their power.  And this is what the shadow energies on this planet want.  Let’s be radical change by choosing Joy!

There has been a response to ‘fight’ this atrocity.  Well, when are we going to finally get that wars solve nothing.  We can’t fight back with the same energy that started the problem.  It just doesn’t work.  This shit needs to be blasted in light!  Becoming a great conscious light is what really creates change.  And it’s so much easier than all the anger, pain, anxiety and shut down that comes with fighting.  You can’t put out fire with fire.  Shine those terrorists, and everyone else for that matter, in the highest vibration of light that you can muster!  The shadow cannot exist in the powerful beams of light consciousness.

It feels radical to become a light, to be joy, to celebrate life in times of great hardship. But really, this is what shifts these lower vibrational energies.  Now, it’s not always easy.  You are going to have days where you feel like shit, but please don’t let yourself get stuck there.  You serve no one by falling into the sludge of life.  You serve no one by staying in a place of anxiety and depression.  Honour these feelings when they come up, see them, love them and then do what you can to change them.

Some Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Become Joy

  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Get out in nature (hug a tree!)
  • Exercise
  • Dance
  • Journal
  • Be with animals
  • Soulful connection with loving friends
  • Positive Visualisations/Affirmations
  • Receive Healing

Your energy vibrates out into the world and touches everyone and everything.  Whether you are in a positive state or negative state, you impact the world around you.  Do what you can to raise your vibration and send out ripples of goodness.  I know it’s hard sometimes, but you make a difference.  I wish I could show you what I see.  You are a huge contribution to this world.  Activate your Light and let’s change the heaviness on this planet once and for all.

All my love,




Would like to help raising your vibration to help contribute to positive change on this planet?  Apply now for a  free phone session with me to find out how I can help you with this or you can email me directly   If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.