medium_2292064768Are you the creator of your life?  I believe that you are.  One of my biggest passions is how we create our lives and how we can make magic happen.  This is one area of my life that I am always playing with.  I find the creation process so much fun!  It’s a constant space of discovery and exploration for me.

I would like to share a very simple story with you, something that happened  last week….

I was giving a healing session in the new healing room at my home practice.  Suddenly my neighbour put on music at quite a loud volume.  Although it was fun music that made me want to dance, I didn’t feel that this music was the best contribution to the healing space.  My first response was “Oh no, my client’s peace and calm is being disturbed.”  Then I quickly chose to go into the space of total allowance of the noise and trusted in what was happening.  I sat with that for a few moments and then remembered that I can make magic happen! :)  So I asked “what would it take for the music to stop or be turned down?”  Nothing changed.  I also asked my energetic helpers, the Angels, to assist me with this.  Still nothing changed.  I remained in a place of allowance and trust, but I also knew that I could ask for a different possibility to show up.  I do this with a sense of play and exploration, not with the energy of stress and anxiety.

After another few minutes I realised that I had not been specific enough in my request.  I had asked for the music to be turned down but I did not say when!  Lightbulb moment.  So I then asked “What would it take for the music to stop or be turned down NOW?”  I also asked my energetic helpers again to assist with this process.  Within seconds of asking my neighbour turned the music right down.  It was a super cool moment.

What could you be asking for that you have not even considered?  We make our life so much more complicated than it needs to be.  What if the universe has got your back and is here to support you at all times?

Sometimes things that we ask for show up quickly and sometimes it takes longer, but don’t give up.  Hold your dreams in your heart and keep asking for help to create those dreams.  Let’s have fun in the process!


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