My friend just shared a great story with me.  She managed to turn a not so great situation around to work  for her.  Let me share with you what she did!

When something crappy happens, the tendency is to sink into despair and get stuck  in the big pile of poo that was just presented to you.  You know that icky, sticky, sludgy place that you just can’t seem to get out of?  What if it was possible to turn this situation around, clean yourself off and step onto greener pastures?  Now you can!  All with a very simple tool from Access Consciousness.  So, when something ‘bad’ happens, simply ask this question  ’How Does It Get Any Better Than This?’ You are basically saying to the universe and to yourself ‘OK, lets change this!’.  You are opening yourself up to a different possibility and opening up to change this situation.

medium_3833849421Happy as a pig in mud?

Most of us just accept life as it comes to us.  It’s not that we are happy with it, quite the contrary, but we feel like victims, victims of shitty circumstances, powerless to change anything.  But what if you have the power to change whatever is no longer working for you?  And what if it is really simple to do?  There are many tools and techniques out there, this is just one of them.  It’s so easy to use.  So why not try it?  Next time you find yourself in a situation that you are not enjoying, ask  ’How Does It Get Any Better Than This???!!!’  Keep asking until it improves or changes.  Do you notice a shift in your energy when you ask this question?

Here is the email that I received from my friend…..

“So I got two parking tickets this week… when i got them both I asked  ”How does it get any better than this?” 
One of them I managed to get voided by calling in right away and telling them a little fib ;-)
the second one i was just going to pay now and then i noticed… 
lol ~ How does it get any better than this?!”
medium_2181295629This tool is not only for when ‘bad’ things happen, use it when great things happen too!  When something amazing happens or when you are having a great day, ask “How does it get any better than this?”  It’s like raising the bar, lifting the lid off what is possible and allowing even more to show up.
Have fun!  Please share any stories with me.
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