I love the New Year.  It feels like an opportunity for a fresh start.  I feel this new boost of energy happening for the collective and this feeling of possibility in the air.  You hear a lot about New Year’s Resolutions, but I am not a big fan of these as so often people start with good intentions and give up on them very soon after setting them.

I would like to introduce the idea to you of Intention Setting for your life, rather than resolutions or goals.  I find the word intention a more open, expansive and softer word.

What are Intentions?

woman photo peaceIntentions are the practice of getting clear on what you would like to
see show up in your life.  They are your focus for where you are wanting to go in life and most importantly, how you would like to feel and be in your life.

What do Intentions do?

Intentions help you with focus and clarity.  When you are really clear on what you want or what you would like to experience in life, this can then guide you forward in a more focused way.  Your intention is sending a message to your subconscious, your higher self (true essence, soul) and the Universe.   When you have these 3 areas working together, you receive a lot of support for your intentions to manifest themselves into your reality.  This is called The Law of Attraction, The Power of The Mind or Manifestation.

When you set an intention it is similar to deciding where you want to go in the world on your travels.  Before you set off on any traveling experience, what do you have to do first?  You need to know where you are going.  Your intention is similar to deciding where you are going on the map.  You set your intention and then enjoy the journey, the adventure of this intention manifesting in your life.

Setting Intentions

What is really important to you?  What would make your heart and soul sing with Joy if it were to show up in your life?  Follow what is joyful for you, this will help to make sure that your intention is in alignment with the path of your True Self, your Soul.

Ultimately we are driven by feeling.  When a person desires a nice car, money, a home, holiday etc, it’s not the thing itself that they are really after, it’s the feeling that the thing or experience gives them.  So get clear on the feeling that you would like to experience in every area of your life.  The feelings that you want to feel are the foundation of your intentions.

Here are some areas that you can explore:

  • Health
  • Work/Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Activities you enjoy
  • Feeling – how would you like to feel in life?

Vision Board

Get a pen and paper and start writing down the things that are important to you and what you would like to see show up this year.   When you have your list of everything that you are asking for, put this list somewhere where you can see it every day.  I recommend a pin board or thick poster board where you can put these intentions down.  You can write them as words on pieces of paper or post it notes, you can draw your intentions or you can cut out pictures that represent your intention from magazines.  vision-boardLooking at your intentions on your vision board every day will help you to keep your energy flowing in that direction.  Rather than just saying the word or just looking at the picture of your intention, feel it.  Feel what it would be like if this were true.  Bring the feeling up in your body.  Imagine yourself as if it were already true in this moment now, in the present now, not in the future some time.

This practice allows what you are asking for to be drawn towards you (The Law of Attraction) as well as preparing yourself for being willing to receive that experience by bringing down blocks and obstacles to what you truly desire.  Continue to look at your vision board daily until your intention shows up in your reality.

Clearing The Path to Your Intention

You know the saying ‘Be careful what you ask for’?  Well from my experience this is because the path or the journey to what you want is not always a comfortable one.  When you are asking for Freedom, Joy, a relationship, financial freedom etc, anything that is getting in the way of you experiencing these things need to be cleared.  There may be thoughts, feelings, emotions, belief system, family programming etc that are blocking you from manifesting what you want in your life.  In this case, you need to balance or clear these limiting energies in order to welcome in more of what you do want in your life.  Sometimes this means that old pain can resurface, for example.

Think for a moment about the Hero’s Journey.  The Hero in a story starts his journey by having a mission, he then starts on the journey towards his mission. At some point in the story, the Hero faces great challenge, but he finds a way to overcome those challenges and reaches his destination.

When you are moving through life on your own personal Hero’s Journey, at times there will be challenge, sometimes it can even feel like everything is falling apart, but in fact, everything is falling together.

When you are really clear on your intention, nothing will stop you from getting to where you want to go, even if you meet challenges along the way.  But please note, what you are asking won’t necessarily show up as you imagine it to.  So stay open and flexible!  The Universe and your Higher Self has the full picture for your life and your journey.  Trust, trust, trust.

Taking Action

The answers to your intentions come in many different ways and not always in obvious ways.  The Universe answers our prayers in subtle ways sometimes.  If, for example, you wanted to get really fit and healthy, one answer to this could be that you bump into a personal trainer or a nutritionist, or you stumble across some information along those lines.  A book may come into your life that covers the subject you were wondering about.  Some training opportunity may come up in answer to your prayers.  I see this as getting breadcrumbs from the Universe.  This universe gives us little nudges (sometimes big ones!) in the right direction.  Your job is to pay attention to the synchronicities and take action towards what you are asking for.

Taking action towards what your heart and soul are asking for can be the challenging part.  This is because it can be very uncomfortable!  We like our comfort zone, we like what we know.  Our ego fears the unknown and can feel very unsafe.  This is why change can be hard and why the majority of people stay stuck in old habits and patterns.

Be Patient

Some things will manifest in your life very quickly and some things will take time.  There are things in my life that have magically transformed very quickly and there are areas in my life that have taken years to change.  You must be patient, have faith, stay open and keep moving forward.  There is always a way through.

Keep It Light

Manifesting your life through intention can be lots of fun.  It’s one of my favourite things!  I find it quite magical.  You can literally create your life in a conscious way if you choose to.  We can choose Joy, we can choose Freedom, we can choose Abundance.  If you keep going, it will show up, in one way or another. Please don’t get too heavy with this stuff.  Keep it light, playful and fun.

Get Support

Because change can be challenging for the part of us that does not want to change (The Ego), I highly recommend getting support with your intentions, especially the ones that are really important to you.  A little hand holding goes a long way.  It’s not that you can’t do it on your own, it’s just that you have fantastic strategies to block your transformation.  This is our human challenge and what keeps life interesting.

Getting support has been the big theme for this last year in my practice and my personal life.  We can go so much further with the support of others than alone.

I wish for all of the intentions of your heart and soul to manifest themselves into your reality.  What a gift to the planet when they do!

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