My washing machine had not been working properly so I phoned up the company to get some help with it.  They gave me a few ideas to try which seemed to work temporarily but the problem persisted.  I then called up the company again and booked an engineer.

As you know, when booking an engineer they are unable to give you an exact time so I had to book the entire morning off from 8am-12pm.  I also had to shuffle clients around to make this work.  The company was supposed to phone ahead and let me know when the engineer was 30 minutes away.  I did not receive this phone call.

By 1215pm I phoned up to find out what was happening.  It turned out the engineer was delayed but would be there in a half hour.  I had a client booked at 1245pm so this was not possible.  I had to then rebook the engineer for another day.

My first response was that of annoyance and the inconvenience this had been to my day and to my clients’ day.  But within a few moments I remembered to use this simple tool when it looks like things are going wrong.

I asked this question a bunch of times…

“What’s right about this that I am not getting?”

I kept running the question, especially when a wave of annoyance came up.

At 1245pm the doorbell rang.  I thought it was my client but it was the engineer.  I told him that I had to cancel the booking and reschedule for another day.  I apologised for the miscommunication.  He looked down at his paper and said, ‘You know, this is really easy for you to fix yourself.”  I didn’t know that. “Can you tell me how I can fix it?”  He paused a moment and then proceeded to explain exactly what I had to do.  I had a rush of  joy and gratitude for this man,  kindly sharing this information with me.

Later that day I tried what he said and it worked!  I saved money on the engineer and I didn’t have to take another half day off work!  So in fact, the engineer arriving late and not coming at the ‘right’ time ended up working in my favour!  I was very excited about this.

This is a small, simple example but such a good reminder to stay open and start asking questions when things are not showing up as we expected them to or how we thought they should.

So next time things are not flowing in the way you would like, ask, “What’s right about this that I am not getting?”  You may not get such a clear and immediate answer as I did, but keep asking just the same.  This question opens you up to receive the gifts from the universe.  When we shut down and get annoyed and frustrated, how open are we to receiving?  Not open at all.  This question opens you up to receive even more.  There may be something even greater waiting around the corner.

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