Lara Waldman is a very powerful healer. With her Mastermind program, she has created a deeply healing space full of self discovery.

I have enjoyed working with her and the superb group of women with whom I shared this magical and unforgettable experience.

With Lara, I learnt new techniques that opened up deeply held blockages, helping me to surrender further. As a result, I feel more grounded and fully ready to fulfil my purpose.

Fatima Mahtaseb

Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist,

Lara is equally loving and powerful. You feel held and supported in unveiling the truest layers of yourself, including fear and shadow aspects.

The Living Abundance Mastermind supports you to dive deep into your personal space of growth and enquiry, a space where you witness and share each other’s paths,  and a powerful structure for self and collective development.

I have seen massive shifts as a result, whether on a subtle, energetic level or in concrete manifestations, including new opportunities and new sources of income that continue to unfold.

What an incredible gift this has been, I am forever grateful!



When I decided to join the Living Abundance Mastermind I was struggling a lot with anxiety, many fears and depression. I felt the call to change something in my life so strongly, but I did not know how and that really frustrated me. 

I already had done so much self work and healing, but I did it always on my own. I thought this is the only way it will work for me and I only have to find the missing piece of the puzzle.  After joining the Mastermind, I realized that it was not about the missing piece, but the right setting. 

Now I found myself in a loving, safe space with other women who know what I‘m talking about when facing my shadows or celebrating my wins. This sacred container gives me the opportunity to be more visible, to reconnect with my power and to live my purpose as a tree lover. It is so inspiring to witness the path of each woman and this enables me to show up fully in who I am. 

I no longer have to hide while I‘m communicating with trees and sharing the wisdom of the earth and nature. This place gives me the power to rise and thrive, while supporting others to reconnect with the guidance of trees and nature.

Alexandra von Schmeling

Tree Lover

Lara has an incredible ability to guide one through the most hidden inner depths of limiting beliefs that limit abundance in every aspect. The guided inner work in her Mastermind has been most revealing, sometimes brutal, but healing and transformative in clearing out the old to make way for the abundance that is waiting for us to receive it. This journey is made even more special by being able to share it with so many beautiful, supportive and generous women. I have been on an inner journey for so many years, with more and more layers being unveiled. Having the weekly connection and support has truly been a gift and I am deeply grateful for your journey so that you are able to guide us along ours. Highly recommend the Living Abundance mastermind.

Dr Rekha Rampsersad, DC


My name is Laurie Ward and I live in Toronto, Canada.

I have worked as a shiatsu therapist for 25 years. I’ve always loved doing shiatsu but I’ve struggled to build a thriving practice.

When the pandemic struck and I was unable to work I started to wonder how I could move a hands on business online. I found Lara on youtube, joined her facebook group and in August 2020 joined the Living Abundance Mastermind.

It has been an extraordinary experience and continues to teach me so much. Throughout the program my ideas of what I want to do kept gently changing until I landed on what I believe to be my true calling. I developed a new healing modality called Shiatsu Tapping which combines self-shiatsu, EFT and meditation.

I am writing a book which will take people through a 6 week program using shiatsu tapping to treat anxiety. Shiatsu is one part of who I am professionally. But writing and being of service in the mental health field has always been a secret desire of mine. And now that I’m able to combine all three of my skills, I feel extremely grateful and fulfilled. I plan to write other books helping specific age groups manage and treat their anxiety.

I also plan to offer these courses and one-on-one work online. No part of this plan feels uncomfortable to me as I have worked through so much over the last number of months.

There is no way I would have discovered any of this without Lara‘s beautiful guidance, activations, teachings and wisdom. I am beyond grateful to her and without hesitation I would recommend signing up for the living abundance mastermind if you want to make a shift but know you need some help. 

FB Page @shiatsutherapywithlaurieward
IG @shiatsuwithlaurieward

Laurie Ward

Before starting in the Living Abundance Mastermind I was really stuck, I just couldn’t seem to focus on anything, especially my business which I really wanted to do more than anything but I just didn’t know what to do. A complete lack of direction and focus.

Since joining the mastermind it is the inner shifts that I feel the most at the moment. There has been so much that has come up during this journey in the mastermind that has moved me forward.

I have manifested living in a lovely home in the countryside, I have received an unexpected £20k, some free things and there is starting to be more activity in my business in terms of potential clients. 

I feel more focused and I am finally taking action. I have recently set up my own monthly meet-up for women, reconnected to my facebook group. I have allowed myself to be visible by doing facebook lives. I have spoken to two other facebook groups about anxiety and I am seeing where I can do more (when I have always avoided this).  I am paying more attention to the money I have and realised there is money here. I am taking action and feeling more excited about my work and more clear about who I want to work with.

I feel really held and supported in the Living Abundance Mastermind which has helped me on my journey more than anything. I finally feel movement is happening. I feel more connected with myself and what I want.

Darshika Bower

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Registered Nutritional Therapist

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