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EP #18: Integrated Wealth

August 07, 20230 min read

What is integrated wealth, and why is it so important?

Lara grew up in and around wealth in Vancouver, Canada. She had a very privileged upbringing and yet ‘having it all’ in the physical world left her struggling immensely.  Something wasn’t integrated.

If you want to create a truly wealthy life, which includes deep fulfillment and honouring your deepest desires, then you won’t want to miss this episode


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Lara Waldman

Lara Waldman, AKA The Abundance Activator, is a wealth coach for world class leaders and author of 'Money Manifestation Mastery'. She draws on two decades of experience as a healer to help business owners achieve financial success guided by the soul of their business and their wealthy inner wisdom. Lara’s passion is helping the world’s movers and shakers, business owners and entrepreneurs, create wildly wealthy and soulfully successful businesses and personal lives. She’ll teach you the mindset, practices, and strategy you need to build the wealth and freedom you desire, without the grind.

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