Awareness comes to me in all sorts of ways during many random moments in the day.  I get what I call ‘hits of energy’ where information lands into my awareness.

Last week a had a big ‘hit’ of awareness around one of my patterns.  I saw this image of many soldiers guarding a castle.  I realised that I was inside the castle and that these soldiers were doing an incredibly good job of protecting me.  They were strong, stoic, very serious and never wavered from their duties.  I saw that I had put these soldiers there a long time ago and I didn’t even know they were there!  Not only were there soldiers guarding my castle but there was also a very high and thick strong wall surrounding the castle.  Wow, have I ever done a great job of hiding myself away!

Inside the castle was me, my being, my essence, my light, all that I am.  I couldn’t really get a sense of this energy  with these walls and soldiers guarding me.  So I decided that this needed to change.  It was time to come out of hiding!  I talked to the soldiers and told them that it was time to step aside.  It took a bit of time but eventually I got the soldiers to retire and go on holiday and I managed to bring the walls down.  So what was left after that?

That week I felt as though I had been bitch slapped by the universe!  It was as though I had been stripped bear, naked, raw and totally exposed.  It was intensely uncomfortable but I knew that this was really important.  This was me experiencing total vulnerability.  I had brought my walls down, fired the soldiers, and here I was, being cracked open.

So why is this a good thing?  What is the value of vulnerability?  When we hide our selves away, not only do we block out the perceived ‘bad’ and ‘scary’ parts of life, but we also block out the ‘good’ stuff.  We shut ourselves off from receiving the infinite supply of energy from the universe, we shut ourselves off from all the ways the universe wants to gift us and support us, we shut ourselves off from intimacy in relationships, we shut off the flow of great abundance, we shut off our life force energy.

Here are just a few ways that vulnerability is valuable:

1. You open up to receive more ie money, relationships, happiness, health, energy

2. You have deeper, more intimate and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

3.  You allow your light to shine!  You become a gift to everyone and everything.  This is BEING your purpose.

4. As you show up as you, you give others permission to do the same, just by being!


Ever since I was a child, I misidentified vulnerability as weakness.  But the truth is, there is great strength in vulnerability.  Vulnerability does not mean that you lie back passively and allow the abuse of you, No!  It means being open to all of life and allowing all of you to show up.  This means that you can call on your powerful warrior energy in any moment, whenever it is required.  The rest of the time you can be relaxed and open.

Would you like to play with becoming more vulnerable and open to all of life?  Here are a few tips:

1. Ask all of your protection and barriers to drop down.  You can say “Barriers down, barriers down, barriers down.”

2. Ask for all of you to show up, for your full light to shine!   You are giving permission for more of you to be here.

3. Open up to receive even more!  Now that your barriers are down, allow yourself to receive the infinite supply of energy from the universe.  You can imagine breathing light into every single cell in your body.

I recommend doing this every day.  Be aware that these practices create change.  They are very simple and very powerful.

I use these vulnerability practices every day.  It’s a work in progress!  I find myself completely open and vulnerable while giving healing and other moments in the day, but my barriers can still go up in a flash.  When I notice this happening I use the techniques I shared with you to bring them down again and show up.

The world is a much happier place with you in it showing up in vulnerability, in your true, authentic self.  Keep shining!

If you have any questions or comments please leave a message below.

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