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Hard work was her religion. Now she’s earning her target income working only 1 day a week

Angel is an organisational design and leadership consultant working with the top Live Entertainment business in the USA.

When she began working with Lara she had hit a wall. Constantly on the go working 60 to 80 hours weeks, she knew she couldn’t carry on but didn’t know how to turn that ship around by herself. Through participating in the Living Abundance Mastermind, Angel now works one day per week, from her couch, earning the same as she did when she was working six days per week. With a new-found peace and rhythm to her life, Angel’s transformed her quality of life and relationships.

She found a renewed sense of purpose and inner strength to fight old systems of oppression

CEO & co-founder of Forest Digital, the African wealth fund - a platform developed to enable financial inclusion and social impact investment. Working to transform a deeply entrenched system of poverty and corruption, in an environment that could be extremely fraught, was daunting and anxiety inducing. Joining the Living Abundance Mastermind enabled Mary to become deeply grounded and centred, clear about her purpose and unshakable on her long road to economic justice. She went on to do the Living Abundance Leadership programme and is now shifting the mindsets of her investors and managing to attract the right partners with ease rather than exertion. By shifting her approach from forcing to allowing and from being fearful to trusting, Mary’s experiencing accelerated growth and is reaching her ambitious goals faster than she could have imagined possible.

Her husband doubled his income

Jocey is an embodiment expert, certified transformation coach, podcaster, co-author and motivational speaker

Before she joined the Living Abundance Mastermind she felt like she was throwing spaghetti at the wall - taking all the courses, reading all the books, doing a lot of personal development work but nothing was working. She felt fed up and lost.

Since doing the work with Lara she’s experienced massive shifts in her family relationships, in her work and her bank account.  She’s showing up as a boss and a bass-ass with her business, fully embracing her power and sharing her gifts even more widely through writing a book, which she would never have done before. A major challenge for Jocey was asking her partner to invest in her course fee to enable her to participate in the Living Abundance Mastermind. The investment has more than paid off and the ripples of transformation have benefitted others around her as well. Jocey's transformation has benefitted her husband too - he's doubled his salary and is about to get another raise!

Julie Crenshaw achieved her money goals x10

Julie is a physical therapist by day whilst also running a business supporting caregivers of ageing loved ones. 

When Julie joined the Living Abundance Mastermind she’d been at her business for about a year. But it was not working. Everything she was trying to do was landing flat. On top of that, she’d been laid off from her job, commuting two hours away from home every day and had fallen pregnant. After a big book launch fail she realised she was blocking success and was stuck in scarcity. Since being on the LAM programme she has totally transformed the way she’s going about her business as well as manifesting every one of her many goals, including all the money she needed and then some! She not only received double her money goals to fund her maternity leave, but a year on from starting the programme she has now manifested that goal tenfold. Through her work with Lara she has birthed a whole new business model. She has clarity of vision and a newfound ease and trust that her soul-aligned actions will take her in the right direction.

From hustle to groundedness: she has more money flowing into her account than ever before

Jolinda is an award winning life coach and holistic health coach.

She joined the Living Abundance Mastermind to help her through the uncomfortable and mysterious process of change, stepping into the unknown towards another level of greatness.

On the Living Abundance Mastermind programame she had Lara hold that space for her, reassuring, connecting her with her vision and fortifying those big goals and dreams she had for herself that could otherwise so easily get lost.

Now Jolinda’s moved to the next level of her business – she has speaking engagements every month, as well as moderating speakers on panels and she’s written a book. She’s attracting high level clients and opportunities to speak, write and moderate are coming to her from a place of groundedness rather than hustle. She has more money coming through her bank account than ever before. On top of all that, Jolinda is now in her dream relationship!

Tackling deeply held beliefs about money and achieving extraordinary results

Zohar is a playwright, screenwriter, creative consultant and coach. She’s worked extensively on multiple platforms including Broadway, Netflix, AppleTV, Paramount and CBS and has coached hundreds of artists.

Before joining the programme, money felt out of reach for Zohar. The work has enabled her to tackle deeply held beliefs around money and abundance about artists, women, hard work and the misuse of money, that kept her stuck in a place where she was not able to receive. Through her work with Lara she has learned to embody what she wants and to find the way to becoming what she wants.

As a result amazing opportunities have opened up for her business and her husband and she’s achieving extraordinary results for her clients. Abundance has become a much more multidimensional experience for Zohar – it’s coming from her business, from working with clients, from writing and now also from investing.

Creating even bigger dreams she didn’t think were possible

Jackie is Founder & CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting, named in “Top 30 female entrepreneurs to look out for in 2022” by the Entrepreneur Herald. Jackie launched a wellness travel business in 2019, and found herself, come lockdown 2020, in a tricky situation where her business focus needed a drastic shift. She began to pivot towards human design but money wasn’t consistent and it was causing tension at home and impacting negatively on her self worth. Since joining the Living Abundance Mastermind she’s had the courage to move completely away from the travel industry, in which she worked her whole career, and is creating even bigger dreams that she didn’t think were possible before - as a consultant, an inspirational speaker and author. She’s had massive shifts within herself – reconnecting with her inner wisdom, healing childhood trauma and shaking loose from deeply imprinted money stories. And this has led to huge external breakthroughs. Now her business is expanding. Each action she takes is bringing results and opportunities come her way with ease.


I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing healers and teachers in my life and Lara is the real deal

Meeting Lara and experiencing her powerful sessions has been nothing short of miraculous! After our first session, we created a beautiful plan to bring me financial freedom and it felt completely doable and fun.Lara helped me release so many old and deeply rooted patterns that have held me back when it comes to allowing myself to receive more money. Her energy is so clear, powerful and gentle and as an intuitive and healer myself, this is the perfect combination .

It enabled me to feel safe enough to release some very painful patterns with my family and open up to my true path and purpose. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing healers and teachers in my life and Lara is the real deal.Not only are her sessions both practical and deeply healing but she embodies everything she teaches so well. Her energy is so clear, grounded and multi-dimensional and her approach is very kind, loving and gentle.I highly recommend her and her work to anyone who wants to clear their money blocks and experience true financial freedom.

Karina Ladet

Channel, Intuitive, Healer


Working with her helped me shift through some powerful, old and unconscious money blocks, many of which I didn’t even know I had.

I had the honor of working with Lara as my coach for an entire year and it was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. Working with her helped me shift through some powerful, old and unconscious money blocks, many of which I didn’t even know I had! Each session was like peeling away layers of muck to get to my truths. Together we went deeper into my understanding of who I am as a financially successful woman. Lara was there every step of the way with grace, attentiveness, support and love. I felt so safe, so special, so nurtured, so cared for. And in reviewing the year she spent working closely with me, it’s incredible to reflect on how far I’ve come in my understanding of wealth and the ability for it to flow consistently through my life, no matter what the external circumstances may be. I am truly honored and blessed to know Lara and thank her deeply for her support!

Laura West, Founder and CEO,


A huge door has opened for me. I feel like I have arrived at being Caroline.

I spent the most amazing 6 months on a deep healing journey with wonderful Abundance Activator and gorgeous soul Lara. When I started my VIP course with Lara I was in a deep hole. I feared for my future, I thought I am unable to earn money, I felt like no one wants to work with me. I could only see black.During our 1 to 1 healing and check-up sessions I was able to let go of fear, Lara allowed me to find my inner peace and reconnect with the Abundance of life and my being. Lara’s Healing sessions are amazing, and I could sense my own strength and greatness. Having a 6 month experience made all the difference. Knowing I could reach out to Lara at any time was so reassuring, meeting her by weekly online was just what I needed to keep my feeling good going. I can see colours now.I am feeling abundant, I am feeling good, I know I can do it, and feel good about my life and my abilities of serving clients. I am relaxed, I am back in trust and allowing it all to come my way. During my time with Lara, I was able to find a local healing center, where I can rent a room and am part of a fabulous team. I have already seen so many wonderful clients, and I know there are more to come. A huge door has opened for me.I found a new depth and strength to be present with my clients for each session. I feel like I have arrived at being Caroline, and Lara helped me to open the door for me to step into my magnificence.Thank you Lara, I had a most amazing time, I am deeply grateful for this experience, you are an amazing healer and facilitator and I am honoured to know you.

I can highly recommend anyone to work with Lara, she is able to open the doors for you, and helps you stepping into your own truth and magnificence.If you feel like something is off, or you are withholding abundance (in any form) from yourself, allow yourself to go on a healing journey with Lara, you will love it.

Caroline PalmyHeart Flow Healer,


One of her gifts is that she can connect to and see your Higher Self super clear.

Working 1:1 with Lara has truly changed my life. She helped me bring much more of this limitless, true expression of myself into my body, my life and my business.Her feminine energy has a way of holding space for all parts of someone that is really healing. Gifts we weren’t really aware of come to light. Shadow aspects are faced and transformed in a powerful process.I highly recommend investing in working 1:1 with Lara, as it can truly bring your life and business to a whole new level that you probably can’t even imagine yet.



The insights I received during the call continue to ripple out.

Lara has the ability to create a safe, loving space and ’see’ into your energy in a totally non-judgmental and loving way that shines a light into places you may never have visited before, offering a completely new perspective on your vision, on what’s in alignment for you to manifest, as well as how you might be blocking the fullest expression of that vision.

My 1-to-1 Money Mastery Session with her was extraordinary and the insights I received during the call continue to ripple out.

If you’re looking for a guide and mentor who truly sees you and can lovingly show you how to do the inner work required to truly activate your abundance, go to Lara. Her work is profound and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to experience it.

Linda Anderson

EFT Tapping Coach & Mindset Magician


I have experienced deep healing of childhood trauma and shifting of generational patterns

Before I joined the Living Abundance Mastermind, I was in a really difficult place emotionally. My marriage was ending and I was having a hard time paying my business bills without the extra income to supplement me during my growing pains. I was also doing some deep healing work that I knew needed clearing, but I was having a hard time doing it on my own. I needed the support and safety to dive deep.The shifts since I joined the Living Abundance Mastermind have been profound. I have experienced deep healing of childhood trauma and shifting of generational patterns, healing the ancestors to benefit myself and future generations

Today, I’m not only self-sustaining in my business, but am actually profitable. I have better boundaries, which has improved my personal and business relationships tremendously. My ex and I have a smoother co-parenting relationship. We’re even working towards buying a property together so we can raise the kids together in the new framework of our deep friendship. It’s very healing to be witnessed and held by others and I’ve been deeply moved watching other members of the Mastermind go through incredibly personal and profound transformation. Lara creates a beautiful safe space in which this deep work can take place.I’m forever grateful to the Living Abundance Mastermind for the deep healing and transformation that’s made such an impactful, tangible difference in my life.

Eden Fadzo Croft CEO,


I will always be grateful to Lara for her amazing work.

She has helped me to trust myself a lot more.

I have enjoyed practising her ‘5 Steps to Abundance’ and use these techniques every day in my work and in my own life. These simple steps are so powerful and have had a transformational impact on how I see things and what I do.

Even though I had so much resistance at the beginning of my study with Lara, she was always kind and always patient. I am now enjoying my work even more and yes, I am feeling abundant!

Joo-Lee Stock


Working with Lara has been life-changing for me

She has this incredible ability to know what my higher self needs and wants, and how to support me in connecting with it.

She has helped me to re-connect with myself and develop a relationship with my intuition that just keeps getting stronger and is leading me towards the life I desire.

I love that when we work together we go deep and there’s no judgment or fear of my ‘messy’ or ‘shameful’ parts, everything is welcome – in fact, it’s invited in, as there’s so much possibility and abundance in all of these parts.

Tara Jackson

Writer and Holistic health and wellness coach

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