I have just got back from a writing retreat where I wrote my first book.  It was an incredible adventure.  In this book I am sharing the 5 Steps to Abundance Activation.  This book is designed to help heart centred change makers heal their relationship with money and welcome greater wealth into their life.

I know that you have a great purpose here upon this earth and if you are stuck in financial survival mode, or limiting yourself financially, then this stops you from moving to the next level in your life and purpose.  This earth needs you, it’s time to take your life and business to the next level.

As I have been speaking to women about their relationship with money, I have been amazed at what has been uncovered.  When you start looking at your relationship with money, what we quickly uncover are much deeper issues that are lying beneath the surface.

When I made a list of the money mindset blocks that came up for the women that I have spoken to, I was really moved, and saddened.  This has got to change.  I feel so passionate now about helping you to shift and heal your relationship with money because what’s lying beneath must be healed if you are going to experience the life that you are here to experience.

Here are some of the ways that heart centred change making women (Light Leaders!) block themselves when it comes to money.  I wonder if any of them resonate with you?

I am always WORRYING about money

I have ANXIETY around money

It’s GREEDY to want or have money

I feel GUILTY if I have money and others don’t

I SABOTAGE myself when it comes to money

I am not PRESENT with money

I IGNORE money challenges

I am bad at putting MYSELF FIRST

It’s SELFISH to have money

I am NOT SPIRITUAL if I have/want money

I am a BAD PERSON if I have/want money

I DON’T LIKE money

There is a POWER dynamic with money

I had money but NO LOVE, money = no love/attention

I have fear of SUCCESS

I lack of SELF LOVE

I don’t VALUE myself


I have a fear of being TOO MUCH

I have fear of being LOVED

I made a VOW of POVERTY

I don’t have ENOUGH

I have trouble VALUING myself with PRICING


People will see me in a BAD LIGHT if I have money

People will judge me if I charge TOO MUCH

Money does not GROW on trees

I don’t DESERVE MONEY – nice things

FEAR of not being able to PROVIDE

I don’t stand in my TRUE WORTH

Money = break of TRUST, PAIN, HURT

I let myself down for money

I lack TRUST and FAITH in myself and others

I don’t DESERVE to be ALIVE

GUILT that I am not SUFFERING enough

SELF HATE – negative self image


Being overly GENEROUS had DETRIMENTAL effects

I am SCARED of £

Money gets me into TROUBLE


I don’t DESERVE to be successful

That’s your LOT – you don’t question it

NO AWARENESS of another possibility

I SPEND all that I earn

What RIGHT do I have to DESERVE that? Why should YOU be that privileged?

‘Nobody likes somebody who has got everything, do they”

I am CUT DOWN when HAPPY/successful

People PREFER ME when I have a PROBLEM, when I am unhappy

My family would be JELOUS and resentful as hell if I had money

People will BITCH behind my back if successful


When I look at this list of all the money blocks put together, I am deeply moved by how much pain is there when we started looking beneath the surface.  These thoughts, beliefs and emotions were uncovered during my Abundance Activation Breakthrough Sessions.  Most women did not know that they had these feelings about money before our session.

In my research I have learned that your relationship with money has everything to do with your relationship with yourself, your self worth, your purpose and your connection with The Universe.  It’s deep stuff.

When I was first guided to start helping people with their money blocks, I thought, that seems a bit surface for me, but now I clearly see that through the vehicle of money, you can connect to very deep parts of yourself and your purpose.  As you look at shifting your relationship with money you are working towards self love, self worth and a deeper connection to your purpose and the Universe.

I hope you can see from this list above, that your financial situation is directly related to your relationship with money.  If you want to shift your financial situation, you need to take a close look at the subconscious feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that are creating your current financial reality.  Yes, there are practical, pragmatic elements to your financial situation, but that part is fairly straight forward.  It’s the deeper stuff around money that is creating most of your financial reality.

shutterstock_374283457I want to help you welcome in greater wealth into your life because I know that you are here with a great purpose.  I know that you are driven to help others and make a difference on the planet.  If you are struggling financially or blocking yourself from taking the next step financially, then your impact is limited.  Let’s lift the lid on what is possible for you and your life.

Currently, for readers of my blog, I am offering a limited number of free Abundance Activation Breakthrough Sessions with me.  This is a free 60 minute call or Skype session where we take a good close look at your relationship with money and uncover how you are unconsciously holding yourself back from welcome in more money into your life.  Apply now if you would like to be offered one of these limited spaces and take your life and finances to the next level.