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As a Healer, Channel and Spiritual Coach I have been consciously using Manifestation and The Law of Attraction for over 13 years.  I would like to share with you what is required to manifest what you want successfully while also being happy and fulfilled.

For many years we have been hearing about The Law of Attraction and Manifestation; how it’s possible to create the life that you desire by thinking and believing that it’s possible.  But there has been a very important missing piece.   This missing piece requires you to ask a simple question:

‘Is what I am asking for in alignment with my Soul’s Purpose?’ 

 If it’s not, then you have yourself a problem.

You can ask for whatever you want.  You can decide what you want to have.  With time, determination, perseverance and patience it is possible to manifest what you desire using the Law of Attraction.

You can create the life that you want lead by the desires of your Ego and many people do create from this place.  The problem is that creating your life from your Ego desires can also create pain and suffering along with it, not only for you, but for others as well.

I have the gift of being able to see your Soul and your purpose upon this Earth.  Your Soul, or Higher Self, has come here for a reason.  Your Purpose is far greater than what you are aware of on an Ego or personality level.  If you create your life out of alignment with you Soul’s Purpose, then you will soon find out about it.

When you fall too far out of alignment with your Soul’s Purpose, you will get what I lovingly call ‘A Bitch Slap from The Universe’. For many people this can look like a difficult life changing crisis.

I have been ‘bitched slapped’ by The Universe many times in my life.   I have also supported hundreds of women through many of these turbulent life changing moments.  What I have learned is that if you create your life out of flow with your Soul’s Purpose, life will force you to stop and listen.

You are able to manifest what you desire but when you manifest from the level of the Ego, you can create a lot of unnecessary pain for yourself and others.  When you create your life in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose, you will be making choices that serve not only yourself, but also the lives of others and all life on this planet.  Your Soul, your Higher Self, will always lead you to greatness.

When you consciously create your life in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose, then your life flows with greater ease.  Don’t get me wrong, life will still present it’s challenges, but generally speaking life will be flowing with you, rather than against you.

It is my passion to empower women with The Law of Attraction and Money Manifestation to consciously fulfil their great purpose while living life to the fullest.  By saying yes to receiving money in alignment with your Purpose, you are saying Yes to creating a life of greater Ease, Joy and Fulfilment.

It’s time to say good bye to unnecessary pain and suffering when it comes to money and start enjoying your life to the fullest by making the difference that you were born to make.

Take Your Power Back

You are the creator of your life. There are areas in your life where you unconsciously create a life you don’t want, rather than consciously creating a life that you do want.  It’s time to let go of victim consciousness, of life happening to you and get into the drivers’ seat of your life.

Money Manifestation Mastery is about remembering just how powerful you truly are.  Most people have not been taught this.  Most people have been trained in victim consciousness.  You have been trained that there are limited options for you and your life.

The truth is that you are a master creator.  It’s time to reclaim this power and start using it consciously.  This will not only create an awesome life for yourself but for everyone whose life you touch.  By transforming your world, you transform the world of others.  As within so without.

The Deeper Purpose of Money

Money is a vehicle to realising your dreams in the physical world.  Money helps to ground the calling of your Soul and anchor it here on the planet.  Money is not the source of your happiness but a vehicle to express your full essence and Purpose in the world.

Money is an amplifier.  Money exposes your deepest emotions, thoughts and beliefs that keep you small stuck and limited.  Your relationship with money can trigger and expose some of your deepest fears, frustrations and challenges.

Used consciously, money can also expose your greatest purpose, your true essence and the gifts of your Soul that you have come to this planet to share with the world.

The energy of Money is neutral.  It does not judge good or bad.  It simply wants to create and grow.  Money can support you to create and grow your dreams into physical reality if you choose to use it in this way.

When you use money consciously in this way, it can be your greatest support to help you realise your purpose and make the impact that you were born to make.

5 essential steps to manifesting money in alignment with your purpose. 

Step 1 Put In Your Order To The Universe – get clear on what you want

Most of us are very good at focusing on what we don’t want.  When I ask women ‘What would you ask for if I had a magic wand?’ the majority of them will start talking about what is not working, what happened in the past and why.  Most people are programmed to focus on the negative, to focus on what is not working.

The key to creating the life that you desire is to focus on what you do want.

I will ask you now, if I had a magic wand and you could have anything you like, what would you ask for?

Let’s start with money.  How much money would you LOVE to bring into your life and business, with ease (not with hard work and struggle)?  What would that figure be for you?  It can be monthly amount, an annual amount or a lump sum.  This is your Money Goal.

The great thing about Money in relation to your purpose is that larger amounts of money are more in alignment with your Soul than smaller amounts.  This is because your Soul is infinite!  You do not need to confine yourself by lack or limitation when it comes to money and your purpose.  Allow yourself to dream big!

Money Goal

How much money would give you the feeling of financial freedom?  What would make you feel really relaxed and happy when it comes to money?  This can be an annual amount of money or a monthly sum of money.

Daily Action:

Ask to The Universe and Your Higher Self (aka Soul)

What would it take to bring in X amount each month/year?

Money Fuel

Next you want to get clear on what I call your Money WHY.  This is your money fuel.  Your money fuel is the reason behind your Money Goal.   Your Money Fuel highlights what is really important to you and what you are truly asking for through the vehicle of money.  Your Money Fuel will be the thing that motivates you to create your Money Goal.

Human beings are ultimately motivated by feelings.  Make sure to include the feelings that would come with your money goal being realised.  The feeling that you want to feel is ultimately what you are asking for!

 For this next section, please get a pen and your journal or piece of paper.

Money Fuel Exercise

Take your Money Goal and ask:

Why is this amount of money important to you?  

What would be the impact of this amount of money?

What does it do for your life and the lives of others?

 Now take the answers to those last questions and ask the 3 questions again of the first round of answers.

Why is this amount of money important to you?  

What would be the impact of this amount of money?

What does it do for your life and the lives of others?

 Now take the answers to the second round of questions and ask the 3 questions one more time.

Why is that amount of money important to you?  

What would be the impact of that amount of money?

What does it do for your life and the lives of others?

 With each round of questions, you are unlocking your deepest desires behind your money goal.  The answers to these questions will highlight your true Purpose.

Your Purpose

Your Purpose is not just what you do in the world, it’s how you are BEING in the world.  Part of your purpose is to BE the truth of who you are.

Your purpose is to fully embody and express your truth in the world.  There are different vehicles for your purpose to be expressed, ie: business, but ultimately it’s about sharing the gift of who your truly are with the world.

When you are deeply connected to your Purpose and your Truth, you will then be divinely guided through your life.

Step 2 Release Your Money Blocks – get out of your own way

Your money blocks are the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions that often come up the moment after you connect to your dreams.  When you opened up to what you wanted, did you notice any negative, limiting thoughts or beliefs come directly after?  These are your money blocks.

Your money blocks seem very real, but they are not.  They are simply negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you absorbed and picked up on from the world around you.  You learned these patterns from your family, your ancestors, the culture that you were raised in, as well as the society that you grew up in.

Your Money Blocks hide the truth of who you are.  They cover up the light of your Soul.  They are designed to keep you small, limited, stuck and hidden.

Your Money Blocks stop you from stepping into the unknown.  Ultimately, they are designed to keep you safe in your comfort zone.

Having these blocks is a part of your human experience.  Your money blocks are part of the journey called Life, but you can also consciously release them over time.  This is where you have the power of choice and the ability to consciously create your life for the better.

We could spend a long time analysing all of your money blocks, which would be interesting, but it won’t necessarily release them.  Would you be willing to simply let them go?

It’s super simple to release your money blocks but you need to release them on a regular, consistent basis.  Your money blocks are sneaky and feel so real!  The trick is to recognise your money blocks, see them for what they are and be willing to let them go.

Your money blocks want to keep you exactly where you are in the safety of your comfort zone.  Your money blocks would rather keep you in the pain of what you know, rather than the potential risks of the unknown.

Your Money Blocks, although with good intentions of keeping you safe, are actually holding you back from creating positive change in your life.  It’s time to let them go if you wish to move forward with your life.


 After you ask for your Money Goal:

What would it take to bring in X amount each month/year?

You then say:

‘Anything and everything that is stopping or blocking me from welcoming that amount of money into my life with ease, I let it go now.’

The key here is not in the words that you say but rather in your intention behind the words.  You need to really let go or at least be willing to begin the process of letting go of your Money Blocks.

You are so powerful, more powerful than you realise.  When you make the choice to let go of your money blocks, they will begin to dissolve away.

Some money blocks like to grip on for dear life, so you need to do this practice every day to chip away at them.   Eventually your money blocks will dissolve with time, patience and love.  Releasing your money blocks is a daily practice.

Step 3 Make the choice to have your Dreams Now – bring them into the present

Money manifestation works when you get 100% behind what you are asking for.  You have to make a choice that you are going to do this and have this, even though you don’t know how.  You need to decide that what you are asking for is going to be your reality, because you choose it to be so.

You do not need to know how you are going to make it happen.  The how is up to The Universe and your Soul.  All you need to do is decide and be willing to take the next steps forward towards your dreams.

You are the creator of your life.  You create your life by getting clear on what you want and where you want to go. It’s time to get into the drivers’ seat of your life.

Bring Your Dreams Into The Present

When you think about your money goal, where is it?  Is it in the future somewhere?  Do you see or imagine your dream outside of you?  Most people do.

The trick with money manifestation is to bring what you are asking for into the present, as if it’s real now.  You become it now.

Most people say…

“I will be happy, peaceful when I have X, I will feel free when I have Y”.

The trick with manifesting what you desire is to start feeling what you want to feel NOW.  So if you are asking to feel Joy, Freedom or Peace, start connecting to those feelings every day NOW.

As you become what you want NOW, you become a magnet to more of the same.  This is how The Law of Attraction Works.

On a deeper level what you are doing with money manifestation is connecting to the truth of you.  When you are aligned with your Soul and your purpose, you will feel Joyful, Free, Peaceful, Connected, Expansive and fulfilled.  When you are feeling any negative emotions, it simply means that you have fallen out of alignment with yourself.  It’s a sign something within needs your attention.


 Become The Vibrational Frequency of That Which You Desire

How would a person with X amount of money (your money goal) walk, talk, be?  Become the energy of someone with that amount of money now.  Your body knows how to do this.  Sit, close your eyes and ask your body to become the vibrational frequency of a person with X amount of money.  Then see what you feel!

Do this every day.

 Step 4 Listen To Your Intuition

 As soon as you ask for what you want, the answers come.  The Universe will give you energetic breadcrumbs to guide you towards your dreams, but you have to listen.  Your Soul, or Higher Self, will guide you forward.

The Universe and Your Higher Self speak to you in many subtle ways.  You will get messages that lead you towards your dreams if you are listening and paying attention to those messages.

One of the main ways that The Universe speaks to you is through your intuition.  You will get ideas, insights or awareness that are guiding you to the next step towards your dreams.  But so often you will reject those ideas or insights as soon as they come it.

The key is to listen to the subtle messages from the world around you.  The answers are there, but are you listening?

To help yourself listen to your intuition it helps to get still and quiet. Sit, breathe and tap into your inner knowing.  I personally recommend a daily meditation practice.

Step 5 Take Guided Action

 The very important step to realising your money goals is taking guided action.  You need to take action on your intuitive ideas, or at least be willing to explore them more.

The key to guided action is taking action towards your dreams lead by your Higher Self and not from your Money Blocks aka your Ego.

Your Money Blocks will keep sneaking up to stop you in your tracks.  They will feel very real.  You must keep releasing them as they come up and not let them run your life anymore.  Keep Releasing your money blocks every day.

Your intuition will never speak to you in a fear based way.  If your thoughts, feelings or emotions are fear based or negative in any way this is not your intuition speaking.  Your intuition will be calm, clear and free from emotional drama.

You will realise your dreams one step at a time. Sometimes you will move forward with great leaps and bounds and sometimes you will move forward with many little (sometimes wobbly!) baby steps.

Please remember patience, trust, compassion and perseverance on your money manifestation journey.

Money Manifestation Daily Actions

  •  Meditate:

To help you connect with your intuition I recommend meditating daily.  To do this, sit quietly with your eyes shut and breathe.  When your mind wanders, come back to your breath.  Sit for a minimum of 10 minutes or until you feel your mind slow down.  I personally recommend a minimum of 20 minutes a day.  Your mind will wander!  That’s normal.  Just keep coming back to the breath, back into the present moment, when you notice your mind wandering.

When your mind has settled connect to your Money Goal and Your Money Fuel.

  • Ask The Universe and Your Soul:

What would it take to bring in X amount each month/year?

 What would it take to feel, have, experience….?

(fill in the blank with your money fuel)

  •  Money Block Release:

Anything and everything that is stopping or blocking me from welcoming my money goal and my money fuel into my life with ease, I let it go now.

  • Bring your dreams into the present.

Become the vibrational frequency of that which you desire.  Imagine what it would feel like to have that amount of money.  Bring up the feelings of your money fuel.  Become it now.

  • Ask your intuition:

 What action can I take now that will create the greatest result?

  • Take Guided Action

Listen to your intuition.  Write down any ideas and take action on the next best step for you at this time on your journey.

Do this practice every day.

Your dreams are on the other side of your comfort zone.  Moving beyond your comfort zone is not always comfortable, but so very worth it.  I promise!

Never give up on your dreams.  You are here to make a very important contribution to this world.  Make the most out of what life has to offer you.

Love and Abundance,

Lara x

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