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How much healing do you need?

When people first start working with me, they usually ask how often they should come for sessions.  In the past, I have avoided being prescriptive as I try to encourage people to follow their intuition.  I have also not wanted to come across like a pushy sales person, but I realize that I have been doing my clients a disservice by not being direct.

I would now like to share that consistent, regular sessions create the greatest results.  It is possible that we can shift, clear and change anything in an instant, but most people don’t choose that.  Change can be scary.  We are creatures of comfort and routine.  Some people find change easier than others, but most of us slip back into old habits and patterns, the comfort zone, if we are not giving regular attention to that which we want to change.

After the first session, which lasts 90 minutes, I recommend booking in again in 1-2 weeks, depending on how acute the issues are.  My ideal recommendation to begin with is 1 session every 2 weeks for a minimum of 6 sessions.  This gives us a very good grounding and gets us off to a good start.  After 6 sessions you will be more familiar with this work and you will  have more tools to help you in between sessions.

As your life begins to balance out and the issues you came with become less acute,  we can then start leaving longer gaps in between sessions.  Most clients do best with one session every 2-3 weeks.  As a starting point, I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions and then a review after that point.

On average, clients notice an improvement within 4 sessions.  Many people feel much better after their first session.  Regular sessions over a 3-6 month period should help you to create the change that you are looking for, if you are ready that is.  Change can only occur if you are ready and willing.

This work is a journey.  There is no end point as such.  I personally make sure that I receive a Healing or an Access Bars session once a month as a minimum.  This helps me to keep in balance and in alignment.  I also make sure that I listen to what my body is asking for.  I exercise and meditate regularly, which is what keeps me feeling good and in the flow.

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