On my manifestation journey finding my ‘dream home’ is something that I have been actively visualising for over 10 years.  I have had a lot of successful manifestations over the year but my dream home is one of the few things that I have not yet successfully manifested.

I moved to London, England in 1999 to pursue an acting career.  I have dual British and Canadian citizenship so I took this opportunity to study theatre abroad.  My plan was to complete my acting training while working in London for 2 years, then move back to Vancouver to begin my acting career.  It was a well thought out plan that didn’t go to plan.

I had a hard time living in London.  I was used to the sea, mountains, trees and fresh air.  In comparison, London felt very dark, dirty, cold and unfriendly.  I felt scared and alone during this time but my big dream of becoming an actress and making a positive difference in the world kept me going.

After graduating from theatre school I found an agent in London and decided to stay on a bit longer.  During this time I discovered meditation.  One day while meditating I received a very clear intuitive message that I was a Healer and that I needed to give up being an actress.  Ironically, London has been the birth place for a huge acceleration in my spiritual growth and awareness.

It was not long after receiving that message in meditation that I found a healing course.  On day 1 of that course, I knew that healing was my future.  Soon after training, I started working professionally as healer and around that time I started playing with manifestation; the idea that from our thoughts and intentions we can create our physical reality.  I began putting the manifestation principles to the test and discovered they worked.  It was a very exciting time!

Because I was so unhappy living in London, I began to get really clear on what I wanted my physical reality to be like.  Where did I want to live?  What did I truly want?  I realised that I wanted a beautiful home in the countryside.  I began designing my dream home in my mind.  My dream home was on 3 acres of land, near the sea.  There was space for a small orchard of fruit trees and a vegetable patch.  There was a running stream by the side of the property.  The home was large with a big, beautiful, warm country kitchen.  The kitchen was big enough to have many guests around to share in food and great company.  There was a large living space for relaxing, lounging and hanging with friends and family.  There was plenty of room for guests to stay.  My husband and I both had a large office space.  We also had 2 horses and plenty of space for them to thrive.  The vision of my dream home is still very clear in my mind.

I used all of my manifestation techniques for this vision.  I saw my dream home in my mind;  I felt it, imagined it and brought this dream into the present.  I connected to this vision every day.  This dream felt amazing.  This land was exactly where I wanted to be.  It felt like home.

As the years passed there was no evidence of this dream manifesting so I had to take a deeper look into my desires. When things don’t manifest into reality there are two things that can be happening:

  1. You are blocking your manifestation unconsciously on the level of your mind, emotions and belief systems
  2. What you are asking for is not aligned with your Soul’s Journey

I teach my clients how to get out of their own way when it comes to manifestation to help them release their blocks.  Releasing your manifestation blocks is part of a daily practice.  I was already doing this practice, but when it came to living in London and manifesting my dream home, I had not been listening to something very important.

I was in deep resistance to London life but I could not seem to leave.  I had dreams of moving back Canada but London seemed to have me on lock down.  I always had a 2 year plan to leave London but those 2 years would come around and no change.  Despairing, frustrated and angry, I finally surrendered, opened my ears and began to listen.

The answers come when you ask the right questions.  I had not been asking any questions about living in London and where I was supposed to be living.  Thankfully I get very clear intuitive information when I am willing to ask the right questions and listen to the answer.

On my Soul’s journey, I needed to learn something very important.  It seems as though all the natural beauty, serenity and stillness on the outside world had to be removed from my daily reality in order for me to learn what I needed to learn.

The learning was this: The answers lie within.  Home is where the heart is.

Home is where the Heart Is (1)

I have desperately been searching for home for a long time.  My home life fell apart when my parents separated  at age 14.  I came home one day to find that my mum had left.  This was like having the floor pulled out from under my feet.  The world, as I knew it, would never return again.  Life became very dark, and it remained dark for many years.  I have been searching for home every since.

I would frequently ask my inner guidance about my living situation.  I tuned in about ‘home’ and where I am ‘supposed to’ live over and over again, but nothing came, no answer appeared, at least not the answer that I wanted.

Eventually I received the message that everything I am asking for is coming but for now I needed to stay in London.  I was told to let go of my dream of living in Canada.  I was shown that Canada is a part of me, running through my veins and that I am always connected to the land, but I am not to live there permanently.  This message was like having my heart ripped out of my chest.

I fought this reality for many years, I kept on tuning in and tuning in, asking again and again about where I am supposed to live, hoping that I would finally get the answer that I wanted.  The answer was always  the same and yet I couldn’t quite get it, I couldn’t quite accept it.

Home is where the heart is.

My Soul has been leading me back into myself, to find home within myself, this entire time.  I have been searching desperately for home outside of myself and I could never find it.  I believed that once I had my physical home I could finally be at peace, I could finally relax, I would finally be home.

What was I truly asking for with this physical dream home?  I was asking for a feeling.  To feel at peace, grounded, safe, relaxed, at ease, peaceful, home.  With manifestation I always teach my clients to start within, start by manifesting the feeling of what you are asking for into the present moment.  This will help you to manifest what it is you are truly asking for.

My personal learning was to find that feeling of peace, connection, ease, safety and relaxation within me now, in every moment.

Of course I would still LOVE to manifest my dream home.  I have not given up on this dream.  But the key learning is that I have to find home within, that home is not outside of ourself.  Home is where the heart is.

Everything that you are asking for is within you now.  Everything that I was asking for was always within me.  What I am asking for is not in the trees, the mountains, the sea.  My dreams do not lie in my lover, my kids, my career, or material things.  The material world is a wonderful part of life and it’s here for our pleasure and enjoyment but it’s not where the answer to your true desires lie.

When you come home to yourself, you are at peace, your are settled, you are in flow and you are aligned with all of life.  From this place of deep connection within yourself,  this is when you can truly start to live and enjoy all that life has to offer you.  The answer to what you are asking for begins within in order to create the life that you desire without.

Coming home to yourself is first step to manifesting your heart’s desires. Being home within you is the foundation for you to create the life that you truly desire.  Once you are home, everything else that shows up in life is a bonus.

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